POP Pilates: Intense Ab Workout! (Full 10 min)

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

This one will TRULY challenge your upper, lower, and transverse abs and help get rid of that belly pooch, so do it now!

Cassey Ho is a fun Pilates Instructor who loves mixing up her moves to upbeat pop music.

Songs in this workout:

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk
"Da Funk" by Daft Punk
"Wildcat" by Ratatat

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  • Kayla Rose says:

    Cassey! I’m 15 years old and I’m trying to get myself fit and healthy. I’ve always struggled with my weight, I suppose, and I just don’t like how I look.So I started your SWEATember workout calendar back in Sept, but found that I didn’t have much time due school starting and what not. So I stopped and now I’m back to your NovemBURN calendar. I’m trying to follow through to the days but I’m getting way too much work. I’ve been trying to make time for school assignments and working out but I always end up sleeping late and being sleep deprived. I’m trying to follow through but it’s very difficult, but I know that if I want to change then I have to do it and not give up! 
    I love you Cassey, thanks! “TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME!!”

  • Bienne says:

    This video introduced me to Cassey’s workouts…3 years ago! I wonder how many times I’ve done it by now?! A few hundred at least…. NUTS! Still love to do it at least once a week. Thanks Cassey! And congrats on your successes.
    You deserve it.

  • Haley BrieAnne says:

    HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL I CAN FEEL THE BURN CASSEY!! Whew, That was some intense crap.

  • blogilates says:

    This workout is a classic isn’t it?

  • chokingwords says:

    Oh, there is something salty dripping down my face. Wait – no sweat. My tears.

  • Amy White says:

    this is an amazing workout. jw tho, does anyone have my problem that there abs are just not strong enough and u keep falling down???

  • That Gibson Girl says:



  • Brin G. says:

    I wish you did some more cool music like Ratattat and Daft Punk in recent videos too. I’m okay with the super duper popular music, but it’s not really my thing. This video was more fun thanks to the music! You should check out some RJD2.

    • S Boo says:

      ratattat and daft punk are mainstream, just cause they’re electronic doesn’t mean they’re alternative…

    • Brin G. says:

      Daft Punk maybe, but I certainly wouldn`t call ratattat mainstream. And even Daft Punk isn`t near the popularity of Miley Cyrus and so on.

      Either way, more variety would be nice.

  • itsmarta p says:

    “lets just try a few”…..Cassie, i am sick and tired of your lies

  • LuckieJacobs says:


  • Fashion Nymph says:

    I thought since it might be a bit hard but I could at least handle 10 minutes. Who was I kidding? I was physically shaking after 2 minutes. My core is pathetic.

  • Breeze Skylar says:

    OMG I just wanted to tell you that you’ve been whipping my butt into shape for the past week! I’m exhausted. You’re such an inspiration. People always tell me I’m so thin, but what they don’t know is that I’m completely out of shape!! Thank you for these ! I have your DVD! I do it everyday after yoga and before zumba!! 

  • prasannafy says:

    I dont think i have ever cussed so much in my entire life !!!

  • diplomats81 says:

    Congrats to the girls who managed to do that workout without stopping. As a guy, i thought that would be an easy workout and not only did i stop after the first 2 minutes but i stopped 5 times. I will do it until i don’t stop once.

  • Nique Loving says:

    Thank you! This really helped! Stomach is finally flat:)

  • Jesse James says:

    God bless you and your ability to even utter words throughout this workout!

  • Sharon says:

    August Calendar 2015, 9th. Who else is with me?

  • goldenniche says:

    I’ve been doing pop pilates for like 4 years now and holy cow you have helped me become so strong. There was a time when I could not even do the windmill with my knees bent and laying on my back, because my legs and back were hurting since they were weak. Now I can do it in advanced form with my legs straight! To anyone who is concerned about how challenging this is or the pain in their legs, don’t worry – it takes a long time of practice but if you keep it up, you will get stronger and by virtue of your strength, it will be easier!

  • Ivan Johnson says:

    6 years later and I keep coining back to this one.

  • Jubilant says:

    How does she make every video seem so effortless?? I thought it was going to be an easier workout since it’s an old one and they were all pretty classic moves I’ve done before, but when she put them together….. TORTURE. Loved the burn though. 😉

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