Princess Power Abs: Unleash Your Inner Ariel with This Disney-Inspired Workout

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Today we are doing Ariel's abs workout!! In my Belle's Beast Mode Bootcamp video, I asked you guys which Disney princess you'd want to work out with next and I'm soooooo happy most of you said Ariel!!!! I had lots of fun coming up with the exercise names & picking out the perfect Ariel costume.

Today, we're doing Ariel's quick ab workout with 7 moves, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Are you ready to go under the sea?!?!

00:00 Intro
2:28 Prince Eric's Earthquake
3:33 Part of Your World Plank Jacks
4:43 Poor Unfortunate Rolls
5:54 Part of Your World Plank Jacks
6:59 Prince Eric's Earthquake
7:55 Poor Unfortunate Rolls
9:06 Sebastian's Scissors
9:58 Outro

Watch Belle's Beast Mode Workout:

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  • I’m Legit subbbing to everyone who subbbs to me says:

    To the person that’s reading this:

    You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy 🧡

    My Dream is to have 2k. I been struggling to get there❤

  • HeyIts Lo says:

    Been looking for a mermaid workout!! Thank u!!

  • Rylee Morrow says:

    Ilysm cassey! Lately I haven’t been loving my body very much, but im hoping that starting back up with your workout will help with that. I haven’t felt like working out in forever, but im trying to get back on track

  • Kaushik Shandilya says:

    She just posted a post tat if a fitness instructor says workout is fun it means it is tough for us .

  • Abinaya says:

    Another Disney themed workout and I was just looking out for a good abs one! The universe does listen 😍😁 Thanks Cassey❤

  • Jen M says:

    I love how she’s done my two favorite princesses already. This is great, doing it today!

  • Abinaya says:

    Cassey always being creative and giving us new workouts absolutely FREE! Blogilates the best thing that happened to me this lockdown! Anyone else ?😍

  • ElWoods says:

    I love the Little Mermaid, can’t wait to do this workout as it’s now 1.30am in Australia! 😂😂

  • JJ says:

    Hey Cassey it’s great watching you work through all those “awkward” positions with such grace quite frankly.

  • Lulan says:

    Amazing! I love the themes! Im obsessed!
    Here is a list that i would love to see next!:
    Sleeping beauty:a lazy couch/bed workout
    Jasmine: booty
    Rapunzel: arms
    Pocahontas: cardio/ legs
    Mulan: kick boxing/ martial arts

  • Edie Kabi says:

    Tiana Thighs!! We haven’t worked the thighs in a long time! Plus, not a lot of no people remember Tiana! Love your workouts Cassey!!!

  • gwtw99 says:

    unpopular opinion: burpees aren’t THAT bad

    (also, I’m so excited to try this workout!!)

  • Sam Elle says:

    IM SCREAMING BECAUSE ARIEL IS MY FAV PRINCESS!! Sebastian was my fav character though, he’s so so funny hahaha

  • Amanda Rivera says:

    Mulan is my favorite!!!! I can practically quote that movie. She taught me that its okay to be brave and strong!

  • Subhash Maharaj says:

    When I was small, my role model was literally Ariel. Idk why but she was my favorite Disney princess.

  • Sam Davis says:

    When she said it almost went into yellow, terror kicked in.

  • Dee Dee says:

    Imagine roll ups when two dogs are playing on you… level 1000 😀

  • Phyllis Hillerich says:

    I’ve had both knees replaced, is there something you do a video on that doesn’t require getting in the floor, as it’s hard for me , and I can’t put pressure on my knees

  • Kaitlyn Bui says:

    Me: doing earthquake “I did it I did it!”
    Cassie: amazing!

  • southernbellechef says:

    “The Little Mermaid” is my favorite Disney cartoon! I can’t wait to see which princess you are doing next!

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