Ultimate Beginner’s Blueprint: Sculpt Your Body with Zero Weights, Zero Jumps | Joanna Soh

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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Here's an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER BODYWEIGHT workout to get you started. No weight, no jumping! We will be focusing on simple beginner exercises to target evert major muscle group; thighs, bums, core, arms, shoulders, back and chest. You’ll be guided through each exercise to make sure that you're executing proper form and get the results you deserve.

Duration: 30 minutes
Sequence: 40 secs Work – 20 secs Rest (x3 circuits)
Estimated Calories: 250 – 300 Calories
**this depends on your body composition – weight, height, age, body fat percentage, activity level

1) Squat
2) Reverse Lunge with Rotation
3) Cursty Lunge Pulldown
4) Squat to Lunge

1) Knee Push-up
2) Tricep Dip
3) Superman
4) Knee Push-up to Superman

1) Russian Twist
2) Single Leg Knee Tuck
3) Mountain Climber
4) Plank


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I'm a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 10 years of experience.

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Absolute Beginner Bodyweight Workout (No Weights, No Jumping) | Joanna Soh


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  • Nikhil Sharma says:

    Hey joaanha , love your workouts I have lost almost 4 kgs in a month by your workouts

  • Pinkie Dash says:

    yess Joanna! This is what I needed thank you so so much!

  • Kaushik Shandilya says:

    Hey Joanna! Hope you good. I like the circuits , it gives you a holistic approach Iike full body 🔥 and I’m up and ready to smaash it 💪❤️.

  • Tingly Tapping ASMR says:

    So excited to try this today!! Motivation is in the air! ❣️

  • B.B Heyy says:

    I’m so happy you this video. I am going to be become a beginner to start exercising too a healthy me

  • another one says:

    i’ve been missing your workout joanna!! glad you upload this one, def gonna do this during my active rest day:)

  • Maane Emileen Villarama says:

    Wow!!! This is look amazing, I want to try it after the 40 mins workout that I’ve been doing every morning. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Govind Ram Chandrakar says:

    This is what I need. Thank you.

  • Hersh gill says:

    Hey Joanna I’ve been doing Jungkook’s workout along with your 10 minutes morning stretches and that helped me a lot. Thank you so much because those stretches just make me feel relaxed after his hard workout ❤️❤️ Lots of love ☺️

  • Naaz Siddiqui says:

    Wow !!!!! I wanted exactly this Joanna…..thanks a lot!!! Love u❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟😘😘😘

  • Akta Verma says:

    It’s been a month since I left my workouts due to exams..so I’m kinda beginner RN😁this is actually what I just needed😃❤<33

  • Fun Learn says:

    This is the exact workout that I was looking for!! I’ll keep working on these moves until I master the basic exercises and then I will progress to your advanced workouts! Thank you so much.

  • Fun Learn says:

    Can beginners do circuit routines?? I feel like they’re a bit advanced. So I want to ensure whether I can do circuit training or not??

  • TrangTrang4U says:

    Hv just completed the workout in comfort… It’s a beautiful ❄️ winter day here. Thanks and have a great day Joanna! 💋

  • Anupama Jha says:

    I was thinking of doing a good strength training/endurance workout and saw your notification. You read my mind Joanna 💞 thank you!

  • Niken 09 says:

    As beginner, i can do this till the end!!! So happy 🔥🔥🔥

  • Josh Blunt says:

    These videos are extremely helpful for many people. Gyms are closing down here in California again. Home workouts it is for a bit 💪

  • My world says:

    Hey Joannah!! You’ve helped me lose 11 pounds in just three months.I tried your diff diff workouts and they just absolutely worked for me.
    Love you♥️keep going.

  • Jennifer Simms says:

    Joanna, you have come through for us again, yessss! When there is no time for a the other work outs this will be another go to. You are terrific!

  • Al Lope says:

    Joanna, thanks for posting workouts for absolute beginners. My stiff body/muscles/joints need these. Please keep posting workout plans for people like me. Love you! xoxo

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