5 Must Eat FOOD for a Flat Tummy (Healthy Digestion)

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

♥ The SECRET to rapid weight loss & a flat tummy comes down to your DIGESTIVE HEALTH! Watch to discover 5 foods for better digestion.
♥ Do you feel bloated or tired at the end of a meal? Do you always feel lack of energy? Do you struggle to lose weight despite cutting back on excess calories & doing regular exercises? Watch this!
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♥ Joanna is a certified Women’s Fitness Specialist with NASM and also a certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach.
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You could be eating the cleanest, nutrient-rich diet in the world, but if you're not digesting well, you won't be absorbing all the nutrients from your food. As a result, wastes build up, you retain water and your body converts excess calories to fat.

5 Must Eat FOOD for a Flat Tummy & to Lose Weight:
1) Food containing high PROBIOTICS
2) Food high in FIBRE
3) Food high in WATER
4) Food containing high PREBIOTICS
5) Certain HERBS & SPICES

Be sure to watch this video through and I talk you through each food groups, what it does to your body, why they must be included into your diet and examples.

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About the Author

Hello there! I'm Jean Laguerre, a free-spirited soul who's overcome challenges. I'm here to share tips on weight loss, staying healthy, and living a fulfilling life. Let's connect with those seeking inner peace and a healthier life.

  • Kasumi Laracroft says:

    Thank you so much for this video Joanna! Love your inspiring videos
    You are the best coach ever!! ^^

  • Elweth 0 says:

    Hi joanna! i love your vidéo! you really help me in my weight loss Journey i’ve already lost 17 kg thank you ♥

  • Baby Eunice TV says:

    omg you’re getting prettier and prettier every time i watched u 😉

  • Maia says:

    This is actually one of the best “flat tummy videos” I’ve seen, good and clear information on what to eat and why. I will most defiantly take this to heart!

  • Han Vu says:

    I love how you explain things! easier to understand than others. xx

  • manal m says:

    Can you make a meal plan video or something like those what I eat in a day but based off this list? I wanna contribute them into my daily meals but I’m not sure when/how to organize and consume them to gain the maximum benefit. Thank you

    • After Tea says:

      Yess please

    • Duckling Duck says:

      Fruits / Bowl with cereal and milk (vegan milk and cereal) / Toasts with sweets that you like: marmalade, peanut butter, jelly, etc / Coffe or cocoa (check the ingredients of the coffe you buy to see if it is vegan) with vegan milk if you want / Etc.

      Rice / Pasta / Potatos with a vegan sauce (there’s all types of vegan sauces that are great and easy to make) or any types of grains (beans, chickpeas) and lots of veggies, make a very big portion so you won’t crave for sweets.

      Anything “unhealthy” that you like, for exemple, vegan pizza, lasagna with lots of veggies on your choice, and desserts of your preference (oreos are vegan, vegan ice cream if you find at your local store, vegan cake, you get it), eat all the “unhealthy” things that you crave for and how much you desire.

      Hope it helped.

    • Dianne roy says:

      +Duckling Duck great. Thanks.

    • Mohammed Gabalah says:

      Duckling Duck thanks so much❤

    • Bell Hugo says:

      Umm Duckling Duck, that does not sound very healthy…

  • Bebby Nabila says:

    you’re the only asian who have fabulous youtube channel!!!! sangat sesuai dengan diet orang asia <3
    keep SHINING JOANA! xoxoxo

  • Mike C says:

    My wife and I have been watching your vids and following your guidance with positive results. I’m 51 and have lowered my cholesterol thru diet and exercise(no drugs). My wife drinks the tiny tea you recommend, and we’ve had great success. This video was a HUGE breakthrough: I added the live culture yogurt to my diet and it helps me sleep great, the challenge that has been so hard to achieve. Makes so much sense.
    Thanks again, and please continue your great work. I’m in the best shape of my life, and my wife has gotten in great shape. Many thanks and we eagerly wait the next challenging video. For now I’ll enjoy my tropical green smoothie(one of your healthy recipes)

  • ナナ says:

    Is oatmeal one of the food that contains a lot of fibre? 😀 I’m eating oatmeal every morning, so I hope it works

  • Straight_up_with_u follow on Ig says:

    before watching the video i want to say your hair is flawless 😍💦💯

  • Aether says:

    I started to love going to diet cause one, I started disliking sweets/soda and only cosuming in a tiny amount. Two, you get full much faster eating a balanced meal. Three, workouts are so much easier. I lost 4 pounds in 4-5 days doing workouts and starting now I made my own cardio for each day. I ran for 1 hour at the park 2 days ago and I will start tomorrow again. Also drinking lots of water helps Big Time. Im only 14, weight 138 and 5’8. Hopefully kids same age that read this will follow along and start having running 1 mile each week in school (P.E). Good Luck, its all worth it.

    • Tati Milena says:

      i agree im 15 and i just started a new diet and started exercising because when i was 13 i was overweight and i started eating healtier and im feeling very good with myself like i can do things without getting tired easy

    • Tayylor Fierce says:

      Yes the key ingredient is the sugar intakes. I remember when i was younger im not really into these junk food and sweet drink. And never gain so much weight. But now as im getting older i get stress and it making me eat whenever i feel down. I need to start taking care of my diet again.

    • exercise the great says:

      I am 13………and thanks for sharing ur healthy diet plans ….i am looking forward to do this

    • SOfreshANDsoCLEAN ___ says:

      Thank you

    • Samiqa Hussain says:

      I was reading this and was like hmm should I do this is it for my age then you wrote I’m 14 same 😂 so yh

  • Allthatbeauty x says:

    I do all of these things but my tummy doesn’t get flatter :-D, I think you should also sport

  • Michelle Lilo says:

    Joanna you are Malaysian! Didn’t know that!! Hello from another Malaysian~ love your videos.

  • Ibte_sam ابتسام says:

    Does she know how beautiful she looks when she talks?

  • Aldina Azani says:


  • Andrea 12 says:

    Me watches this saying to myslef im going to lose weight tommorow! The next day im on the couch eating chips and forgot everything from yesterday. Like if this is you

  • Anisa S. says:


    u continue to surprise me everyday, joanna.

  • Marshmellow 2005 says:

    I’m 12. Last year, I was 11 and i was overweight. 82kg! But I lost 30 kg in a year and now, I am not overweight.😂

  • i am a reptilian says:

    Food high in water

    Youre welcome 😀

  • Zeenat Zeenat says:

    Hi. Joana, your English is very clear with sweet voice, very important information. Thanks 🙏.

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