4-Week 100 Ab Challenge in Bed! (Strong Core, Flat Tummy)

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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10 exercises. 10 reps per exercise. No equipment needed, just you & your energy! You can do this workout in the morning or before going to bed.

1) Roll Up & Twist
2) Full Crunches
3) Half V-Tucks
4) Cross Tucks
5) Reverse Crunches
6) Windshield Wipers
7) Scissors
8) 4-time Abs
9) Flutter Kicks
10) Plank Rock

Duration: Under 10 minutes
Estimated Calorie Burned: 50 – 60Cals
Best Result: Perform this workout 3 – 4 times weekly and combine it with total body strength training & cardio.

Core includes the abs, lower and mid back, pelvic and also hip muscles. It's entire mid section that work together to support your spine and body.

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  • NMW Gor says:

    I’m tired just watching this lol

  • Zsófi Nagy says:

    Only problem is that my bed is too small to do these moves on😂😂😝 but I can do this on a yoga mat too right?😁

  • sawyers says:

    if I had that bed I too would never want to leave it haha

  • Edina Kurdi says:

    OMG I want that bed! 🙂 in the middle of paradise too… Enjoy your time there and thanks for the activity 🙂

  • bri bart says:

    i think i would just fall asleep after about 20 count….the power of the bed is too strong! 😛 hehe

  • Mai Rose says:

    there are 10 dislikes
    10 people are against healthy lifestyle?

  • Sam Martin says:

    I don’t wanna leave sweat in my bed. And besides my bed is too soft and flexible. Yours is very firm.

  • jessica M says:

    lol when you have a huge bed all to yourself but you can’t do those exercises because the bed is so soft that you get burried in it

  • Lyn Atem says:

    lol I can’t even go up for the first exercise

  • turtlebug says:

    omg this workout really worked me to death! mostly because I haven’t worked out in ages. this is the bomb!

  • du mai quynh says:

    This video is really helpful, especially for a lazy person like me

  • bhargavi388 says:

    I have been doing this from 4 days and i can see and feel the change. The 10 reps of each excercise don’t let you feel bored and you just don’t know when you complete 100 abs excercise. Its quick and effective though i ain’t doing this in bed 😛 Lol.

  • Taubah Ibnessah says:

    This doesn’t work for BUNK BEDS!😤

  • Esra KURTULDU says:

    Guess I would be dying…

    The problem with the all workout videos on every channel, you watch the workout, say “wow, so easy” and when it’s time for you to try…. You know the struggle right😀 But I also can say that it’s all about patience and regularity. When I first started doing plank I could only stay in this position only 10 sec. & now it’s more than 1 min. I am not saying this is much but I can see my development. ✌❤ #dontgiveup #workingoutsquad

    • Jemm Boo says:

      Esra KURTULDU Esra KURTULDU I feel you. When I started doing this I almost died ( almost literally 😂😂) same with any exercise I do follow…but now I combine it with other workouts. before, a 7 minute workout was too much, now a I can do 45mins cardio or 1hour strength workout. the key is to just start.

    • Kathy -Lee says:

      1 minute is amazing! I am just able to hold 30 mins wothout dying! I will work wven harder to get to one minute! It’s all about progress and yours is amazing. Keep up the good work! I will myself as well!

    • Katelyn L says:

      Thats why i do the workoutalong the vid 🙂 but at gym i compile stuff from all sorts of ppl

  • genie121 says:

    Those of you who say you’re going to try this for a week and will update…can y’all update? don’t leave us invested people hanging.

    • Preet Gill says:

      genie121 I just tried nd I am sweating, so I guess it does really work out. I’m planning to do every day…keep you updated!!

    • ffion says:

      Preet Gill and you never updated, typical

    • Kathy -Lee says:

      I tried this for a week now and I am still hooked. I feel my muscles being stronger and the mirror shows a bit tighter lower belly. (I am not skinny tho, I have quite the weight to lose and any tightening makes me happy)
      My posture and digestion is also better. I would really recommend you to do this. You won’t get bored during the workouts (I even cursed sometimes) and when you are done, you feel refreshed but not tired. Stretch thosw abs and you feel very good in your body! I wish u a great day xoxo

  • Renee Garrido says:

    I read bed and immediately clicked

  • Nalani Pimentel says:

    I found what I’ve been looking for…a cute Asian with accent, exercises in bed, gentle music playing, but it’s missing coffee.

    • Di Wi says:

      Fetishize Asian people much??
      She is an Asian girl, lady, or woman.
      Not “a cute Asian”

    • Di Wi says:

      Richie Devereux Probably neither just an ignorant cultural fetishist the same as you are to say it too 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Emma says:

      @Di Wi fetishizing? She just said cute. There is nothing wrong with finding people’s physical features or voice attractive.

    • Di Wi says:

      Emma Maybe you don’t know the definition of the word “fetish” but if you say you were looking for a video with a cute Asian.. that’s a damn fetish. So what is she? Like a cute pet or a toy or something? It disrespectful and entitled like MOST white people are so of course you wouldn’t understand this

    • Вампир Наркобарон says:

      Di Wi
      She wasn’t GENUINELY searching for this , she was showing her appreciation for the video
      Calm down please , I’m sure there was no ill intent in her comment and there is no reason for you to be upset

  • SanHwan ᄉaᄂa says:

    I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks and my core is so strong now. My aim was not to lose waist and to gain strength but I did lose it xD
    I was 29″ waist before starting
    Now I’m 27″
    Note: I ditched ramen and other junk-food completely and added chia and basil seeds in all of my drinks, which automatically took my weight from 55kg to 53kg in these three weeks :’)

  • Minami Shimada says:

    I am going to be doing this work out twice a day and for 6 weeks. I will report back after my first 7 days and I will also record dates ((I started today on 4-21-2018)). Thx joanna!!! I appreciate this awesome workout!!

    • Minami Shimada says:

      Ok guys! 1 week has passed and so far I have really seen some I can see my stomach starting to reduced and I am Finding myself to be very up to pace with my consistency!! (4-30-18) see ya next week

    • Minami Shimada says:

      I am actually starting to see a big difference after a while and I’m also starting to feel healthier, I did add in a morning Yoga workout of Joannas so that also have a big boost, but I can start to feel my size 8 pants getting lose. I am also eating healthier to do that contributes to this as well!!

    • The SeaShell says:

      Minami Shimada how it’s going:)

    • PrynKya says:

      That’s awesome.

  • fay says:

    hello just wanted to share my experience! i’ll be doing this workout along 3 other bed workouts i’ll also be eating healthy and try to stay away from junk food! i’ll update you guys every week!

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