5 Minute Flat Abs!

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

5 min. 5 moves. 1 min each. Let's get your flat abs! This is a super short but intense abdominal workout. Comment below with your favorite move!

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  • tyler // says:

    me during a workout:
    this sucks
    I hate my life
    why am I even doing this
    I’m not even doing this right
    I don’t feel anything
    ugh I’m gonna be fat forever
    this is terrible
    maybe I’ll just die an ugly, fat, toneless hermit

    me after a workout:
    that was great, let’s go again

  • sitong sunshine says:

    me after 5 mins of this : looks like death
    her after 5 mins of this : flawless

  • F Keuning says:

    Me: flopping around on the floor and thinking my abs are going to die for half of the workout
    Her: happily chatting about the new flowers

  • Alex Ma says:

    Me doing Ab workout: snorting like a donkey, shutting my eyes hard, screaming for my life
    Cassey doing Ab workouts: “Hey! Do you like my new flowers”

  • Yvette Mae says:

    Smh a kfc commercial played before this video. Y’all are really testing me

  • Gaon Kim says:

    Cassey: Its only five minutes of your day!
    Me: Yup, five minutes of hell
    But im sure we can all agree that we feel good about ourselves after finishing that workout

  • Savannah says:

    At this point: do I really want abs?

  • Ofelia says:

    me: abs super sore, screaming in pain
    her: perfect smile, talking casually about flowers


  • haha so funny ! says:

    Her: so we’re just gonna go down nice and slow
    Me: *falls over*

  • Viwern Wong says:

    I died in the first 50 seconds

  • Oli says:

    When i was doing this i was like ITS FOR THE bikini

  • Daron Chua says:

    After trying this out I feel a more appropriate title for the video would be “5 min Child Birthing Simulator” because that’s how much it hurts. You’ve been warned.

  • Sunny D says:

    i hate it when people say her workouts don’t work. i’ve been doing this vid and extreme abs six days a week for the past three weeks and sculpted a 6 pack. less than 20 mins a day and you can get amazing results!

    • BangtARMY Goals says:

      Sunny D this is so motivating holy

    • Vania Natasya says:

      My back always hurts when I do these kinds of exercise. Is it only me?

    • leen haidar says:

      mine too 🙁 it’s supposedly from not pushing your back into the floor properly.

    • Alena says:

      When you feel your back muscles during abs w-k — stop for a sec and re-do your move BUT try to think about your abs and use THEM an only them! Also yes, push your back down and put your hands under your butt to force your abs to work! I had pain in my back 1st month of doing abs even tho i did all i could to prevent that. Now i dont have any probs, i put more thought in which muscles i use. Also i guess my back is stronger now? haha good luck to you on your journey <3

    • Shema Newman says:

      Thank you so much this is motivating me to finish the video strong so thank you again

  • robyn fenty says:

    her : *talk about flowers
    me : *dying

  • bailey west says:

    Problem: I am working for better abs
    Problem: I have good legs
    Problem: I love the pain in legs after a long leg workout
    Problem: I can’t handle ab pain

  • Puppy Paws77 says:

    I finished this and my dad bought me tacos such great motivation dad ❤️

  • Karen Canales says:

    “…slowly rolls down with control.. ” me:*Plops on floor*

  • LaurelGracex says:

    I love how she kind of distracts you from all the pain your in like talking to u about her nails and flowers.

  • • Faith • says:

    Hope I’m not the only one that did the workout and then immediately checked for abs 😂😂

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