Which one of the following would fit you Best? (Diet Vs Exercise)

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In the red corner of the weight-loss title fight, sits the dieting contender. On the surface, dieting would appear to have the edge, because no matter what a person’s genetic makeup and metabolism, anyone who stops eating is guaranteed to lose weight.


Starvation, though, is not a dieting option to be recommended or one that is sustainable. The scientific jury is now firmly in, with dozens of high-quality, randomised controlled trials showing that no one dieting option is the magic solution for everyone. Apart from some short-term success for particular approaches – mostly low-carbohydrate diets – all of the popular dieting approaches fare poorly for weight loss and adherence once the six-month milestone has passed. This was demonstrated in one of the largest and longest-run weight loss studies ever conducted, which investigated how diets with different fat, protein and carbohydrate content influenced weight loss. Read more…


It will put in control of your life and dreams. when you educate yourself to be happy.


Vanderpump Rules Star Brittany Cartwright’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed Brittany Cartwright has dropped 25 pounds and is feeling better than ever. The Vanderpump Rules star is counting down the days until she becomes Mrs. Jax Taylor, and while her wedding day is a motivating factor, her goal is to ultimately be “happy and healthy.” “Being healthy and fit makes me feel so much more confident and happy with myself. It feels really great when you start seeing results and your old clothes start to fit again,” the 29-year-old explained to E! News exclusively.


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