Period Power: Unveiling the Dos & Don’ts of Exercising During Your Menstrual Cycle | Joanna Soh

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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Can I Exercise on My Period?! (Dos & Don'ts) | Joanna Soh

Can I workout on my period? Is it dangerous? What exercises should I do when on my period? What should I avoid? That’s what I’ll be answering in today’s video!

When we’re on our period, we have to deal with bloating, mood swings, cramps, fatigue and indigestion. Yes, you should exercise on your period, saying that however, there are also certain types of exercises which we might want to avoid, depending on how your body feels. Watch this video to learn what you SHOULD & SHOUD NOT do!

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Can I Exercise on My Period?! (Dos & Don'ts) | Joanna Soh


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  • Ky W says:

    Awww I’ve been waiting for this video!!!! Thanks Joanna!!

  • kiran mehra says:

    On my periods.. i was just wondering if i shud workout today🙄 Perfect timing😄

  • Kitkatniss Everdeen says:

    I was just thinking about this today!Thank you!💕

  • Edd Marnstrong says:

    Your new look is beautiful
    LOVE it!!

  • Cho Mj says:

    I just got my period today😅 thank you so much joanna!

  • Solana Kirsten says:

    Omg i just got my period and i’m torn between working out or not for tomorrow. Thank u so muchhh, Joanna!!! 💕💕💕

  • Daily Dose of Medicine says:

    Continue with exercise, but back off on the intensity, especially if you’re feeling fatigued.👍

  • Madhumitha R says:

    Omg this is exactly what I wanted 😭❤️ joanna you are literally making videos which we want.. At the ri8 time….

    Love you joanna ❤️❤️

  • Anna Mateaki says:

    Yes! I used to have bad cramps but when I started exercising during I no longer had cramps and felt so much less bloated

  • Urmila Santosh says:

    For me every month is a different story… Last month I was on high energy and was doing super sets and circuits and lifting weights. This month… Now…I am so tired and my cramps has been horrible and my body just doesn’t seem to want to listen to me… I feel tired and my lower body aches the most. But I have been doing your 10 minute abs workout in bed followed by walking in the morning and later I do 40 minutes of Stationary bike at the gym. These are fine for me.. as of tomorrow onwards I am planning on strength training but mostly sticking to low impact.

  • Tanishia Hicks says:

    I’m so glad that you did an updated video of this! Thank you.

  • aysha sahana says:

    I usually skip 1st 2-3 days of my periods . I’d feel little uncomfortable to do my workout . Thanks for the video 😊

  • Sunandini Chakraborty says:

    Is it good that my period flow has reduced considerably since I’ve started working out?

  • Aryana Sayad says:

    I was just thinking about working out today & I’m on my period 👀

  • Anupama Jha says:

    Well I have PCOD, so I don’t get my periods regularly, I was on OCP for 3 years but I stopped, currently I’m on a weight loss journey to get my periods to be regular and get back on track. But This is very good to know 💪

  • lilmisfits says:

    Wow my period just came yesterday and it’s exactly the question i asked since I’m on a weight loss journey. 😆

  • Enikő Szabó says:

    I just had my third period, this is a huge help for me, thank you ❤❤

  • Arvind Pandey says:

    I love to move during my periods but my aunt ,”tells just do nothing lie on bed nd u will feel more comfortable”, but I don’t like to be on only one place more than 15 minutes😧

  • Reetabrita Roy says:

    i plan to do some exercise in period but when it comes then i feel like ” no” 😁😆

  • Alyssa Jones says:

    “Can I exercise on my period?”
    “Is it dangerous?”
    Lol all jokes aside, I just got off mine four days ago. I always do walks when I’m on my Bloody Mary.

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