PRE & POST Workout Meals: What & When to Eat for Best Results | Joanna Soh

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PRE & POST Workout Meals: What & When to Eat for Best Results | Joanna Soh

Are you seeing results in your training? Do you consume pre and post workout meal? Is it important? What's the function? When is the best time to eat? In this video, I break down the purpose of pre-workout vs post-workout meals, the correct meal timing and what you should be eating.

Consuming the RIGHT PRE & POST WORKOUT MEALS can play a huge role to your workout performance and results. Watch this video to learn more. =)


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I'm a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 10 years of experience.

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PRE & POST Workout Meals: What & When to Eat for Best Results | Joanna Soh

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  • Priyanka Joshi says:

    First. Thank u soooooo much. This content was highly required. Much love from India.❤❤❤

  • Sowmi chimchim says:

    Thank u so much!!!💜💜belated happiee teachers day joanna, for being the best fitness instructor and motivating me towards the journey of fitness and transformation inside out!!💜💜 lots of love from india!!💜💜stay safe!!💜💜

  • Praseetha T K says:

    Woah!! What a timing! I was looking for the pre and post workout meals in the morning. Thank you so much Jo! ❤️ Love from India

  • Disha Sharma says:

    Love u soooooooo… much 🥰😘 wanna meet u once in my life ❤️❤️ u r my inspiration 💕💕💕 u r only one which post the videos which we require…… Love u 💕💕

    Lots of love from Punjab India 💕

  • Bipasha Mondal says:

    Mam, Belated Teacher’s Day.
    Thanks, For teaching the importance of Exercises & it’s worth to my Life. ,Love from India

    • Joanna Soh Official says:

      Awww thanks for the wish. Never really considered myself a teacher. It’s a huge compliment. Hoping to continue to share more about health and fitness with all of you. ❤️

    • pratibha pal says:

      @Joanna Soh Official it’s true,, you are the most important and inspiring teacher in our life… Belated Happy Teacher’s day.❤️

  • Kaushik Shandilya says:

    She looks great 💪 and she’s glowing 🔥. Thanks for pivotal info ❤️ .

  • Navfia Sherin says:

    Hlo joannah. This my humble request to start a weight loss challenge and also please note the calorie burnt in each workout

  • Bipasha Mondal says:

    The best Fitness Specialist ever🥰

  • Rasha Sharif says:

    Very informative and helpful !! I prefer working out on an empty stomach I just drink coffee and water before. Then I eat a full meal with protein after my work out!

  • Tricia Bautista says:

    This is so timely! I was just thinking about this awhile ago, I had a small meal before I workout and I felt a little bit uncomfortable because of that. I really do prefer fasted workout. Thank you for this insightful video! ❤

  • pratibha pal says:

    Thank you so much ma’am for this much needed information… ❤️

  • Monika Jain LIVELEARNGROWw says:

    I am kidney transplant patients and after my transplant I gained 20 kg in a year
    Doc told me to do low to moderate aerobics exercises please do suggest me what to follow in order to lose 10 kg and how many months I should keep in target
    Waiting for your reply 🙂

  • Gayathry Venkiteswaran says:

    Thank you, this is really good advice!

  • YazmanianDevil says:

    My protein smoothies are like 450 calories. It’s a meal! I feel like I’d gain too much weight if I added essentially a fourth meal. My smoothies have banana and oat milk w protein powder and collagen

  • Antara Sarkar says:

    I started following your channel just few weeks back.. Since then I am following your work out plans.. They are so helpful..And this video is just what I was searching for.. Thanx a lot.. Keep inspiring ☺

  • Josh Blunt says:

    I like to eat 3-4 protein pancakes before a workout along with some creatine. Gives me a solid boost of energy and opens a window cold protein synthesis about 4hrs. Enough time for a workout, little rest and time to make another meal afterwards 💪

  • Ritika Singh says:

    Thank God I discovered Joanna
    Her YouTube channel is very helpful and motivating

  • Damanpreet Kaur Kahlon says:

    You are Amazing ❣️ Love from India
    I have a question: Is it ok to consume milk 30 minutes before workout ??

  • Megha Chakraborty says:

    The best fitness coach ever ❤❤.. This video is really very helpful. Sending love all the way from INDIA💞

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    I was literally thinking about this subject just now and you saved me so thank you 🥺💖

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