How to find your Weight loss Motivation in five ways.

By Jean Laguerre | Motivation & Goal Setting


Wow! I like this assessment coming from one of my colleagues.He said: when it comes to weight loss it should be about a healthy lifestyle and not about a short-term in a diet.And I think he is true if you want to lose weight you need to change yourself.Talking about that, let me give you some ways.

Hope you’ll find this helpful and maybe will stick to.

1.Write Down Specific Goals

Studies show that writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them, so get out a pen and paper and get specific! How much weight do you actually want to lose? And how will you make it happen?

Maybe your goal is to do cardio three times per week and strength train twice a week. Or maybe one of your goals is to eliminate all soda and sugary beverages from your diet.

These are concrete goals that will help you lose weight. Tackling weight loss one goal at a time makes it more manageable and realistic, too.

2.Expect Progress, Not Perfection.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by seeking perfection. You will have days when you muddle through your workouts and others where you feel on top of the world.

Try to avoid “all or nothing” thinking, where you totally scrap a day if you eat a cookie or miss a workout.

Follow the 80/20 rule of looking at your weight loss journey: aim to eat right and workout 80% of the time and absolutely expect that 20% of the time you are a human being (and not a robot!) and life will get in the way of your ideal plan.

3.Develop A Routine That Becomes Second-Nature and Masters it.

The easiest way to find weight loss motivation? Make it EASY! Develop a routine that becomes second-nature to you. I’m not saying to do the same workout every day—that would be boring and ineffective!

Just have certain variables that you don’t have to think about: pick a time of day when you’ll usually be able to workout and make that your no-excuse workout time every day.

Prep healthy meals for the week ahead on a Sunday so you don’t have to guess what to have for dinner after a long day of work.

Make your new healthy lifestyle SO second-nature that it’s hard NOT to get those workouts in and eat healthily. They say that “motivation gets you started, but habit keeps you going.”

Set yourself up for success, and you’ll stay motivated on your journey to weight loss and better health.

4.Exercise  Enough.

If you think about slogging away on the treadmill for hours or hitting back-to-back spin classes in an effort to lose weight fast, you’re just wasting your time—and overexerting yourself for no reason!

Research has proved time and time again that while exercise can help boost weight loss, shedding pounds is primarily due to diet.

Exercise accounts for very little of your total energy expenditure, and it’s hard to create a significant calorie deficit through exercise.

Since working out has a ton of health benefits not related to weight loss, keep hitting the gym, just don’t overdo it.


5.Diet pills and surgery can make it quick.


Some people turn to dangerous diet pills or invasive surgery in an attempt for a “quick fix.” The truth is, these methods can be risky and don’t always translate into results.

Diet pills are at best ineffective and at worst harmful for your health: weight-loss pills like phentermine are typically stimulants and associated with such risks as disrupting your heart rhythm, raising your blood pressure, and even seizures.

Weight-loss surgery, including gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, can be incredibly successful, but not everyone is a good candidate. And since they’re still surgery, these procedures come with serious health risks like infection, blood clots, and lung or breathing problems.

Plus, most candidates who get bariatric surgery regain the weight.So We really think to infuse your mind with what we think is right.But it’s up to you to choose what is best for you.

I hope you profit from it.

Have a good day.



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