How to train your brain to CRAVE working out

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2020 Fit Planner!

Setting your alarm for a 6am workout just to hit snooze. Getting dressed for an evening workout class you never make it to. I do it too, you guys!!! Did you know we're actually physiologically programmed to avoid working out because our brain perceives it as a threat?!

The good news is there are ways to change the way your brain feels about workouts, so I've included 4 hacks and 1 amazing tool to use in this video!
How to train your brain to crave fitness:

1. Find an exercise that makes you happy. If you dread it, don't do it!
2. Find ways to distract yourself from your workout (watching TV on the treadmill, listening to an audiobook while running, etc).
3. Work out with friends!
4. Make your workout a routine by scheduling it into your calendar!
5. Track your progress in your Blogilates 2020 Fit Planner!

You guys, the 2020 Fit Planner is like a fitness instructor and life coach all in one! I use it to track my workouts, track my meals, track my water, track my mood, track my sleep, track my habits, write my grocery lists, create monthly, weekly, and daily goals and so much more! Seriously, it's my life.

If you want to make 2020 YOUR year, you can get yours now on

Here is where I get all of my music! Epidemic Sound:

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Cassey Ho is an award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur and online personality. As the creator behind Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube, she’s transformed millions of lives through helping them achieve their strength and weight-loss goals. She focuses on making fitness fun and the results are evident. Cassey's unique format, POP Pilates©, which launched as a workout video on YouTube in 2009, has become a live fitness class that can be taken at gyms all over the world with over 3,000 POP Pilates classes being taught monthly. Her authenticity continues to shine through, making her one of the most relatable fitness icons online and beyond. She's also the author of the best-selling book, Hot Body Year Round and is the designer of her own activewear line, POPFLEX.

With a wide range of free workout videos available, Cassey's channel focuses on ab exercises, butt & thigh exercises, arm exercises, pilates, cardio routines, fat burning workouts, high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT), stretching and flexibility routines and so much more!


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    I have to say my biggest motivation to get myself to workout is remembering how great I feel after and how much stronger I will be later. Just knowing I get stronger and healthier each time I workout is motivation enough for me.

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    This is AMAZING!!!! I was literally complaining a few minutes ago how disorganised my life is and how I have become sluggish but now I see the answer. And the answer is so BEAUTIFUL!!! Cassey you are a life saver thank you. I will totally need it for my last year of school now. ❤ 😊.

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    I just love her confident. (^-^)

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