Gravity-Defying Arms: The Ultimate 20-Minute Sculpting Session, Equipment-Free

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

If you guys thought my last weightless arm workout was HARD (if you haven't tried it, you totally should, so I linked it below) you might think I'm crazy for doing this one… 😅 Ok seriously though, YES it is challenging but it also make it that much more rewarding when we finish together!!!

00:00 Intro
1:39 Walnut Crusher Roof Raiser
3:14 Palms Back Pulse Back
4:42 Bicep Pushers
6:14 Single Angel Arm – R
7:42 Single Angel Arm – L
9:15 Double Angel Arms
10:45 Leaning Shoulder Press
12:15 Prayer Pulse
13:43 Soccer Balls
15:14 Leaning Angel Arms
16:45 Prisoner Extensions
18:16 Leaning Tricep Pulses
19:44 Palms Back Mini Circles
21:14 Outro

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About the Author

Hello there! I'm Jean Laguerre, a free-spirited soul who's overcome challenges. I'm here to share tips on weight loss, staying healthy, and living a fulfilling life. Let's connect with those seeking inner peace and a healthier life.

  • 1 Suẞ ẞefõre 2021?? says:

    “Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” Good luck✨

  • Kaushik Shandilya says:

    Have you ever lifted a dumbbell xD ? I mean your arm looks so tonned without seeing you hold a dumbbell.

  • Eloise Sanderson says:

    Um yaaaaasssss!!! I’m so ready

  • Shriya Rajesh says:

    ahhh im earlyyyyyyyyy

  • Anisa Malik says:

    Woah! I’m so early!! Lysm Cassey!! ❤

  • Sam Elle says:

    workout out has always been a way for me to manage my anxiety and this was ESPECIALLY needed this week!! THANK YOU SO MUCH CASSEY

  • ishnewme says:

    Hi cassy,
    Can u pls post a vid abt pregnancy safe home workouts with no jumping ??

  • Aastha H says:

    Dude your arms look so toned. Oh my God. I want mine to be this toned 😍

  • Aniyah Zavala says:

    I haven’t watched it but I already know I’m going to love it

  • It’Sarah says:

    No one.

    Cassey: making our day 100x better!💞

    Love from a positive UTuber😆

  • Jessica Cobus says:

    Love this for people who don’t have weights! 💯 Also those bicep pushers are awesome! Going to use these, thank you!💕

  • louise c. says:

    i love that u make workouts fun! i always love ur arms workouts! 💛

  • J's Paradise Kpop Dance pratice mirror says:

    OMG this level 2 workout gonna be long to fix in. Level 1 workout is so intense that it made me a week to fix in.

  • Nyusha U says:

    thank you a lot! you’re gorgeous ✨

  • 먹남 Muknam ASMR says:

    Who else is here early because of the notification?

  • Eleanor Johnson says:

    Hey cassey!! This video is gonna be so good I can FEEL IT… I’m gonna do it in a few minutes and I’m so HYPED. I wanted to tell you that a big part of your community is into kpop music, and I’m one of them– we were wondering if you would put some kpop inspo or music in a video or two soon! Many fitness youtubers have done it and I love it every time, but you’re my fav one. Some ideas for videos would be: Kpop Dance Workouts, Kpop Idol arms, etc. Things like that. The kpop community is huge and you have a ton of them in your audience. A few kpop songs that I think are your style include the following: Any Song by Zico, Hip by Mamamoo, Lovesick Girls by BLACKPINK, I Cant Stop Me by TWICE, or Flower Shower by Hyuna. I also would like to add Eight by IU ft. SUGA.

    If you have listened to a kpop song before and decided you didnt like it Cassey, I promise you’ll find a lot you’ll like elsewhere in kpop. Kpop is not a genre, it’s just a term used for “popular korean music” and it includes lofi, ballads, alt rock, rap, hip hop, and every genre we have here in America.

    I think that with your pop pilates channel, it would be SUCH a fantastic addition to have some songs from this thriving music world in it.

    If any kpop fans see this comment and would like this to happen, please like it so that Cassey can see it!! ALSO please drop k-music recs in the comments for Cassey!!!

  • Jamie Charis says:

    I Did your last arm workout it was amazing 🤩
    Day 1: was brutal
    Day 2: it was still hard
    Day 3: improvement
    Day 4: improvement
    Now my arms feel so good (exercising for just a couple of days can make all the difference)

  • Abinaya says:

    Been noticing a difference in my arms, even in the small things! Able to pick up heavier bags with ease, and lift myself easier while doing knee pushups! (Yet to reach the actual push-ups phase😅)It’s the small things 😀 Off to do this one now 💪#motivated THANK YOU CASSEY <3

  • Kate Geronimo says:

    Omg I was waiting for this!!! I was doing the level 1 video for a few days now and already got a bit used to it and felt the need of some level up!! will definitely try this later 🤩 tysm Cassey!

  • SharonC43 says:

    Thank you for always matching your timer with your mat and outfit! It’s a nice touch 😊 especially for the Disney ones!

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