Low Impact Knee Friendly Beginner Workout (No Squats, No Lunges!) | Joanna Soh

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Low Impact Knee Friendly Beginner Workout (No Squats, No Lunges!) | Joanna Soh
This is a low impact knee friendly workout suitable for beginners or anyone with previous injuries. I've created the workout with modifications, so you won't be doing any squats or lunges. You know your own body best, so feel free to increase or reduce the intensity of the workout.
If you are feeling strong, repeat the entire video once more to make this a solid 30-minute workout!

1) Low Impact Jumping Jacks
2) Low Impact Burpee
3) Step back with Knee Tap
4) Double Knees + Front Raises
5) Standing Cross Crunch
6) Outer Thigh Leg Lifts
7) Side Shuffles


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Low Impact Knee Friendly Beginner Workout (No Squats, No Lunges!) | Joanna Soh

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  • Body Digits— Weight Loss Challenge says:

    Nice to see you again, another super valuable video

  • Sushmitha Balachandar says:

    Love you joannaa!!!! You are the most honest and sweetest fitness youtuber . It’s amazing you do this for us for Free!!!. Love from India❤❤❤

  • BintKhan says:

    OMG I’m the first to comment! Love this workout Joanna xx

  • Iresha Mannapperuma says:

    I love all of Joanna’s workouts ❤️ and the way she presents them.

  • Syeda Shagufta Hassain says:

    Thank you for this workout.. Really needed this to start with my weight loss journey.. Thanks again! 🤗

  • Daily Dose of Medicine says:

    Keep Your Knees Healthy as You Age👍

    Strengthen your upper and lower leg muscles.

    Stretch those same leg muscles to support your full range of motion.

    Maintain a recommended weight.

    Choose low-impact exercises to protect the cartilage in your knees.

    See a medical provider right away if you have a swollen knee.

  • Nirob Limon says:

    Joanna I am only 17 but I feel pain in my left knee after doing squats.

  • sunandini chakraborty says:

    Hey,Joanna! Can u please show some easy exercises with medicine ball? Ty <3

  • Nirob Limon says:

    Will low impact workout make my knee stronger?

  • Sakia Ahona says:

    Hey Joanna..though i am continuing my diet and exercise routine, sometimes i notice that i have gained some fat on my body..and i can’t loose it..it goes away automatically as it wish..why does it happen?

  • Gayatri R. says:

    Hey Joanna…. hi… I just love your workouts. They are so enjoyable. ❤❤❤💙💙💙. Really u are best workout trainer. 🤗. I cant even speak during workout.. but you, speak during workout… i don’t know how 🙄. You are so strong..
    Lots of Love from INDIA

  • Kaushik Shandilya says:

    Joanna workouts are literally on 🔥 and amazing .I have been doing her workouts from past 4-5 years and it has made me agile ,strong and have a passion for working out ❤️🔥 .Thank you Joanna❤️🔥💪.

  • Trisha Saha says:

    Another superb workout..❤ Observing my progressions, my mom and my elder sister both are doing workouts with me😌..My mother has knee injury, so now she can do the workouts more effectively..and yah I hv total lost 11 kgs.. Thanks Joanna it has only been possible bcoz of u 😘I assure u that I will bcom the best version of myself.. Lots of love ❤

  • Tsuki says:

    Thank you so much for this video. This is one of my favorite fitness youtube chanels to follow along with but I always skip the knee parts. ❤

  • Graca Vasc says:

    Thanks! I’m going to try this one! I find that my knees hurt sometimes after some workouts. Hope this strengthens them!

  • Poziomka81_ Nl says:

    I like workout “no lunges” Thanks ❤

  • Mingye Deng says:

    This could be a nice morning workout! Thank you and love you Joanna. I love your strength training videos as well!!!

  • Nicki James says:

    Thanks for this video 👌🏻 I’m not a beginner and was doing hiit cardio and your body strength workouts and abs/cardio, but because of a knee strain nearly 5 weeks ago, I’m unable to do all the jumps etc atm, so have had to slow everything down, which has been frustrating tbh. Do knee strains get better? I hope I can get back to the HiiT soon but I did think I’d be better by now, tho I’ve not had any physio 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Siux Sie says:

    I’d love to see more hiit no jumping workouts, not so low impact… Thanx for everything!!! 🇲🇽😊🤗💗💟🥑🖤💜💚❤️💖☔

  • VideoTzar19 says:

    Thanks for this. I popped my left knee something awful recently from an old injury and it has made working out a bit challenging. It’s hard to find true low impact workouts because at some point they always have some sort of lunge or squat, even if they are knee friendly. Found some chair workouts but I still want to do some standing workouts that I can move my knee in a safe way so I don’t loose too much of the progress I’ve made while waiting to recover.

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