Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge Workout

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

This is a quick thigh workout that is gonna trim down your inner and outer thighs to Train's "Drive By."



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  • Audrey Gardner says:

    I did this twice and finally stood up- I nearly fell over because I felt like there was iron weights between my thighs omfg, this is going to be so worth it <3

    • Amber Loves Cheese says:

      I had a box gap before I started but that was due to other exercises, after doing this workout as often as I felt like I have noticed a difference. I don’t do this everyday maybe like once a week, but it really works!

    • Dana Nguyen says:

      @Bree Everdeen Bree, some people genetically have thigh gaps. Some people workout all the time, but they don’t have a thigh gap because their hips aren’t wider. Even if you have a gap or not, it doesn’t matter at all! You are still beautiful, with or without one 🙂

    • Gau Yang says:

      Not exactly true. My hips aren’t wide, and I can have a thigh gap, as long as I continue to work for it. There are many women with narrow hips who workout but don’t have thigh gaps, because they don’t aim to work for one.

    • Michelle Pearl says:

      Gua Yang, But it is literally genetics though

  • Isabel Simmons says:

    I’ve done this so many times I can recite the video😂👍

  • olivia says:

    my hips click every time I do this… is that normal?

  • Janelle Kim says:

    lol I do this on my bed

  • katie lang says:

    I’ve done this workout every night for about 2 months and I’ve noticed a huge change. I actually got a thigh gap:) I would recommend this workout to anyone. Just keep doing this and you will see results. Thanks so much. Great workout!!

  • Alex Barton says:

    *checks for thigh gap after doing this once*

  • Rita Freitas says:

    omg this kills my abs

  • Leela Morris says:

    I see a lot of people saying it made their thighs bigger. The reason for that is because you arent burning the fat before strengthening the thigh. DO CARDIO to burn that fat and then do this video to tone the muscles. Cardio burns the fat and then this exercise will tone the muscle. That’s why you aren’t getting the results you want.

    • Leela Morris says:

      +Rebecca D’Souza I don’t think the order matters! As long as you do both in pretty sure the results will be good! You’ll end up figuring out whether you want to do more cardio or more of this video to get the results you want. Hope that helps!!

    • Clover 20 says:

      yes it does help thank you!! xx

    • Danny ! says:

      +Leela Morris
      What if you want your thighs to get bigger but you want a slim waist with flat abs. I’m petite but I’m not skinny or fat either. I don’t do cardio , I just work out , drink water , eat healthy and lots of protein, and work out. How often do you have to work out for a bigger booty and thighs. Do ankle weights make it any better?

    • Camryn Wilson says:

      this workout cant make your thighs bigger, that requires weight lifting. They are doing something wrong lol.

    • Kira ChannxD says:

      You must try HIIT CARDIO its better i swear!

  • Aiman Amirah says:

    “how do your inner thighs feel”

    idk but my abs are screaming

  • Nia Johnson says:

    I did this workout once every night for about 2 weeks and I could already see my thighs getting slimmer. I stopped for a little while but I ALWAYS COME BACK TO THIS PARTICULAR WORKOUT. It’s done wonders for my legs so I encourage everyone to do this!!!!

  • _ says:

    she looks much healthier now than back when she did this video

  • Joseline Torres says:

    My hips make a clicking noise and it’s the scariest thing ever 😂😂😂

  • Sam Hackenson says:

    4 years later and I always come back to this one, so good.

  • Molly Froggatt says:

    omg am I the only one who’s core is killing more than anything??? I know I have basically no muscle toning anywhere but my core is dying!!! will need to do this more for sure

  • SakuraBlossomable says:

    If I do this kind of exercise, I’ll make sure my husband is not around.

  • Lara Matić says:

    Hey guys!
    I just came here to say that I’m doing this workout for 2 weeks, and it really give a rlly good resultats. My thighs are slimmer, and I am starting to see my thigh gap! So, good luck everyone.
    If you have any questions, ask me😁

  • 최예은 says:

    I’ve been doing this exercise for a month, and I can definitely see changes in my inner thighs. I used to wear 28inch pants but now i wear 25-26inches👍

  • LilllyLeeee says:

    Even after 7 years…I still love doing this! Who’s with me??

  • 두콩 says:

    May 25th, 2019

    Im gonna try this every day
    Good luck to every one trying this 🙌🏻
    We can do it !!❤️

  • Grace Kim says:

    cassey: “you’re stronger than you think!!!”

    me: “i’m really not” *plops on the ground*

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