Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge Workout

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Squat and Plie Challenge led by fitness instructor Cassey Ho to Call me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson.

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  • LilmissBrownEyes says:

    okay, I can do the 1,000 squat challenge all the way through…BUT I STILL CAN’T DO THIS??!!

  • Ronnie K says:

    At the point where she told me I could do whatever with my hands I was holding them in prayer because lord jesus christ.

  • Yannick Morsen says:

    I had to pause the video 3 times to make sure my legs didn’t fall apart…

  • lillyo47 says:

    I’m over here struggling to breathe and almost crying and she’s having a full conversation and smiling I didn’t realize how out of shape I am lmao

  • amy yue says:

    help, ive fallen and i cant get up

  • Brittney Fraser says:

    funny thing is right when i react to burning she mentions it :’) HOW DOES SHE KNOOOWWWW? :’)

  • Nat says:

    2 years later this is still my go to video 

  • Cassondra Edwards says:

    I did this yesterday and today I can barely sit on the toilet.

  • Sonia F.R. says:

    More like Kill Me Maybe Squat Challenge. But I love the burn!

  • Just Some Asian says:

    I think i hate the pulses the most 😂😂😂 arghhh they hurt. But i got this dont worry man

  • Olivia Arsenault says:

    i stopped at 2:39 and fell to the floor with my legs twitching… help me

  • Courtney Gaynor says:

    Me: *during pulses* “Yes, now next we get a break, right?”
    Cassie: “Now Hold!”
    Me: …..
    Cassie: *continues with squatting*
    Me: *Lies dead on the floor*

  • Sophie says:

    I think someone should make an edit of this video with Shia LaBeouf popping up in the corner and screaming “DO IT! JUST DO IT!”

  • Whackowitch Adventures says:

    I don’t know what she is singing at that one part, but all I know is that this hurts so bad. s-s-s-o so bad.

  • Viktoria Markota says:

    She’s like ”lower”
    me: *sits down*

  • why hello there says:

    Two words whenever I do this:


  • Lauren Iacobucci says:

    she says your legs are supposed to feel great after this. well I can’t tell if my legs feel good because I can’t even feel them

  • Rollcake says:

    me near the end: WHEN IS THIS SONG GONNA END

  • theduyendingdongdo says:

    I do this exercise to a point where I can memorize literally EVERYTHING Cassey says in this video. 😀

  • Emily Wass says:

    I used to be able to do this whole thing a year or two ago, let’s get back at it!!!

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