9 Steps to doing the Splits!

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

I saw you guys were really interested in learning how to do the splits! So here is a video showing you the 9 steps I take when warming up to the splits. Be aware that this may take days, weeks, or months to accomplish depending on how flexible you are already. Be patient, you will get it. But it takes time!

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  • Jayde Wash says:

    Am I the only one who was scared of pulling something???

  • Fonzo and Tammi says:


  • •O l i v i a• says:

    Me: *spilts in class*
    Classmates: OMG HOW DID YOU DO THE SPLITS!?!?
    Me: …

  • Annmarie Bartholomew says:

    For all those that are trying to learn to do the splits from beginner, this is what I have learnt after trying from complete scratch to splits in 4 months:
    -I had 2 days of no stretching every week so that my body had time to repair, but when it came back to Monday it ALWAYS felt like my stretchiness restarted for the first two months, DO NOT LOSE HOPE keep trying because that was normal
    -you may end up pushing yourself too hard one day and be in terrible pain so that you cannot stretch it (if it’s really bad then you’ll probably need it checked out) but don’t fret and don’t push it, just wait a week or two and try again (this has happened to me multiple times)
    -you could keep track of your stretchiness in a book/photos to show your improvements and encourage you but tbh that only lasted me 2 months then I got lazy
    -MAKE SURE you fully warm up your muscles so that you don’t have go through the pain like I did
    -Watch multiple videos so that you don’t just stretch what is displayed here but so you can stretch different parts of your body which will help you get your splits, you can even write them all down and make a routine which I did
    -finally, just don’t give up, I stretched every weekday for 15 minutes with a few weeks break (when I pushed too far/got lazy) and I got it finally in four months, SO DONT GIVE UP!!! Enjoy this journey and good luck ❤️

  • Chienna Dela Cruz says:

    I lost my flexibility I was one of the most flexible in our school but I lost my flexibility ;-;

  • fluffypot gacha says:

    Who else wanted to die after doing this?

    Btw.. 2019 anyone?

  • Julia says:

    I do karate I can kick someone’s head but I can’t do splits

  • Phoebe says:

    As soon as she said u need to be flexible I went to watch a vine compilation

  • Rekayla Putney says:

    The fastest way to do a split is in the shower,make sure the floor is wet and a bunch of shampoo.i found this out on accident😂

  • Just Ruby says:

    This actually helped me! I almost did a split!! I just need to practice some more. 😆p.s I just did this in 1 day I’m so proud of myself!😂

  • Shloka VISHWESHWAR says:


  • Hey Queenies says:

    **tries the leg kicks** not even 1 min into video
    **all bones in leg clicks**

  • Fatma Azan says:

    who came here to see if it works in the comment

  • name says:

    *_we all know you came here to be that popular flexible kid at school_*

  • I’m an Army says:

    90% of the comments: “who’s sitting here doing nothing?”
    10% of the comments: “ahh just did it, hurts so bad”

  • Ayler Vlogs says:

    Me: “I wanna try the splits to impress me friends, hehe”
    Also Me looking through the comments: “WTF! WHAT IS THIS! THEY DID FOR FOUR MONTHS! NO TIME, WONT DO IT, NO WAY!”

  • HeyItz. Nicolette says:

    does one jumping jack*
    “ who needs the splits anyway”

  • Gaming Lonely says:

    1 like = 10sec split
    I can do it don’t worry 😂😂💪💪💪

  • DJ M SANS max persins says:

    Me: mum dad look I am doing it (1 second later)
    911: 911what is your emergency

  • Corn Crackers says:

    I can’t even touch my toes

    Edit- I just tried this after I had dinner and let’s just say it wasn’t a great idea

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