6 Min to Sexy Thighs

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

If you are short on time and want to tone your thighs quickly, this is the best, most effective workout you can do. No equipment. You can do it anywhere…and it'll burn. That is what POP Pilates is all about.

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  • Bubby707 says:

    I should really actually do these workouts instead of just saving them to my playlist and watching them thinking “wow this seems pretty good I think this will really help……I’ll do it later”

  • Cstar16 says:

    by the end of these workouts I’m usually a crying blob on the floor

  • Sage Kaplan says:

    OMG the last one was tricky, it was tricky to keep my butt of the ground at a decent level

  • Raspberry_Pi_961 says:

    I feel like my abs worked out just as much as my thighs lol

  • bbbrrriii says:

    I am an actually potato waiting to turn into a skinny French fry

  • Emma Neumann says:

    I’ve been doing these workouts for a few days now and I can totally see and feel a difference already! I haven’t been dieting, running or anything just THIS and I can totally feel a gap in between my legs already! If you’re reading through the comments, seeing if this works, it totally does! And I can also see a difference in my stomach!

  • heyits gosha says:

    Now I can’t walk lol thankss

  • aleks m says:

    I want to be your neighbor or live in your neighborhood, so I can just come over and workout with you, that would be amazing

  • Suffocate yourself with Suga's 3 dollar chain says:

    I want jimins thighs

  • PinkPoodleVlogs says:

    Anyone else doing this workout right now???

  • Mimi Khemakhem says:

    This lady is complaining about like 70 degree wether while I’m in Minnesota where it’s -20

  • LaJae Escobar says:

    omg does anybody else have such a hard time keeping there butts in the air with a leg up??

  • Ashley_ says:

    Girls in the comment section, I know we’re all insecure, but you don’t need a gap to be attractive. It’s what’s on the inside, and I know that’s cliché, but that’s only because it’s true. 🙂

  • chloe.sweetcake says:

    I want to kill myself right now guys the last one is soooooooo hard

  • 92ddongjjak loves you says:

    when i sit down my thighs look like africa😐

  • H K says:

    Did anyone start reading the comments and totally forget they were supposed to watch the video? Just me? Okay 😂

  • chunchun says:

    When she says “good job” I’m like “thanks I gave up but thanks.”

  • H K says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want a thigh gap and just wants their huge thighs to be slimmer ?

  • alexandria raven says:

    I paused the video so she could rest

  • Tanvi Singh says:

    For anyone who is reading this: it’s not necessary that you have a thigh gap or really skinny arms or a big butt. The real thing that matters is the strength you have because your body matters but so does your muscles. Work on building your strength and not a big butt. I do not have skinny legs in fact I’m quite chubby but still I can lift up bags and run. And for anyone who is reading this, I don’t care if your chubby or skinny or what your body type is , I just want to say that please don’t judge your body by looking at other’s. Be proud of what you have and try to be more stronger. Ok.love you all ❤

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