Butt Lift & Slim Thighs | POP Pilates Beach Series

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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Time to tone your thighs and lift your butt. Let's go! Print this month's calendar here: & Get your beginner's calendar here:

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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine's Best Healthy Living Blogger.

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  • BubbleGuns says:

    it’s called the fire hydrant because that’s how dogs pee next to a fire hydrant? hehe cute little messages on your video 😀

  • LilmissBrownEyes says:

    This is the day I did a days workout without ANY stopping! I started in April, and then Sept to Dec I couldn’t exercise. I was finally able to exercise starting the new year. New year equals new beginnings 🙂 But mainly, what keeps me going is what my fifth grade teacher had said. She said, “You can change whenever YOU want” you don’t have to wait for the “perfect” time. Become a better you…whenever! 

  • iamvanessae says:

    Tap tap up, tap tap down…stuck in my head lol

  • blogilates says:

    Have you done your beach workout today yet? 

  • SimplyHannah says:

    I’m a 15 year old teen girl and I’ve been wanting to lose weight to be healthier and feel better. All the workouts I had tried were so boring and all I could think about was the pain! I have done 2 of your vids and they’re amazing!!! I’m definitely not bored and don’t think about the pain much! Thank you so much!

  • Angel Mendoza says:

    Love this workout. I remember the first time i did this, i feel like i can’t walk for tomorrow. But days have passed doing her workouts, now I can even do this workout upto three times. Woah, amazing how exercise works! Keep going guys! You all can do it if i did. 🙂

  • Dana Michelle says:

    made it through the workout without stopping 😀

  • Carly says:

    I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU STAY SO SOLID AND STILL WHILE DOING HOT POTATO!!! My hip and leg on the ground wobble and don’t stay in one place. 

  • Emma Sofie says:

    More proof: I don’t have any arm-muscles! My arms were killing me more than any other bodypart.. 🙊

  • Janelly says:

    My butt is sore because of janYOUary

  • Eileen Vidal says:

    video 4 of five janyouary day 4, almost there!

  • Clara L says:

    When you’re doing hot potatoe…. And you’re literally the potatoe.

  • TheChickenRiceBowl says:

    I love that she isn’t super pretentious and bitchy about this like “Oh look at me I’m on a beach working out and looking good UNLIKE YOU HAHA!” like I think a lot of fitness gurus would be. She’s so uplifting, motivating, and human about the whole thing. Not too robotic or mechanical and not too fake bubbly and obnoxious either!

  • Leah Styles says:

    june 10th anyone? ONLY 20 MORE DAYS (we’re almost halfway there) DONT GIVE UP ITLL BE OVER B4 U KNOW IT #summerbody2k15

  • Carly Monte says:

    Any July 14, 2015 people here? 🙂

  • SpaceCoven says:

    when ever i do the swap over mermaid move I look more like a sea lion XD

  • Noemy Vergara says:

    I remember when i first did this like a month ago i stopped so many times, this is my second time doing this video (two months doing pilates) and i even added ankle weights. Im so happy i dont feel like a failure anymore😭😭😭

  • Chloe Louise says:

    May 7: “now let’s take it gracefully to the other side mermaid style

    me: *flops onto the other side like a whale*

  • Charlese Sanchez says:

    Aug 10 anyone?? I can proudly say that I’ve been following her workout calendars for 4 months now and the effects it had on me were both great physically and mentally. Thank you Cassey for always giving us motivation in following your workouts  even though it may be hard first on us. Some people say: “You’re already skinny enough so why work out?” But that’s not my reason–the reason why I work out is because it gives me the best feeling inside!! Again, neomu kamsahamnida Cassey!!!

  • David Bello says:

    I didn’t paint my toes.

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