30-Minute Low Impact CORE Functional Training (No Weights, No Jumping!) | Joanna Soh

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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30-Minute Low Impact CORE Functional Training (No Weights, No Jumping!) | Joanna Soh

What is functional training? It is a form of training that works your whole body as one unit through compound exercises to build strength and muscle in a functional and balanced way. Including functional training into your routine is extremely important to improve your ability to perform the everyday activities, and to make daily motion easier and safer.

Here’s a 30-minute workout circuit to improve your strength, balance, coordination and also stamina! We'll be engaging our CORE throughout the entire workout as that's the foundation to a strong body. No equipment needed, just your own bodyweight. It's also LOW IMPACT, hence no jumping. Let's have some fun with the moves!


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I'm a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 10 years of experience.

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30-Minute Low Impact CORE Functional Training (No Weights, No Jumping!) | Joanna Soh


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    Breathe freely and deeply during each core-strength exercise. Focus on tightening your transversus abdominis, the deepest abdominal muscle and the one you feel contracting when you cough.πŸ‘

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    Ma’am I’m very sorry to trouble you but could we get some workout challenges?Please?Stay safe and stay healthy!

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    You make all types of workout for to our own pace

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    I was searching for a good workout and this one showed. thank you for this! i got motivated.

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    Amazing I was searching low intensity cardio for weight loss as I am not exercising from last 5 years and as I am kidney transplant patient so within last 1 year I gained 20 kg, I need to lose as soon as possible

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    Love your each n every workouts.. Following your workouts since 3.5 months n lost 15 Kgs as of now. Can you please help me in controlling hair fall during this weight loss journey. Love from India..

  • Demi Wyatt says:

    Is it effective for the abs? Like am I going to see results quickly or is it a slow process?

    • Da _ So says:

      I guess it definitely would be effective for the abs as well as weight loss? But as for the fast results it depends on lots of things like consistency, calories, HIIT, Core exercises and your body I suppose?

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    She’s legit fitness queen and super fit πŸ”₯❀️.

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    Great workout, very clear instruction and so useful for me especially when i already had too much high intense workout. This one can be my alternative. Love!

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    Hi Joanna, I really love your workout. ❀️ Btw, for this workout, may i know how many calories burned in average? Thank you in advancedπŸ’–

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