The PLUS SIZE Model Controversy…are men ashamed?

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There was this big controversy that exploded on Reddit the other day about why the beauty standards that apply to women don't apply to men. Some people are basically saying that men are pretending not to care about body positivity because it would hurt their ego and others are saying that men are too focused on more important things in life to even care about their body shape. I asked a lot of my guys friends to hear what they had to say and I posted it on my blog to see what you guys thought. You will never believe the responses I got. Let's jump into it!

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  • Sana Nasir says:

    Oh you dropped something

    Oh its you crown 👑, you king / queen ❤
    You are gorgeous , loved and special

    Ps . I also make yt videos and my goal is to reach 1k and hope it happens soon ❤

  • It’Sarah says:

    Cassey: uploads

    I post vidz💗

  • Chillin' with Rachel 💛 says:

    Fact: Blogates always makes our day 1000x better!

    Love from a positive u tuber 🥰

  • Rescue Stark says:

    I appreciate you cassey for taking about this issue 👏👏👏👏

  • Aastha Patel says:

    OMG YOU’RE SO IN TIME! This is literally my college assignment topic and i was searching for some content and here you are❤️

  • Jazza Tron says:

    Men 1000% need body positivity! My boyfriend has horrible self esteem and he doesn’t think he is muscular enough and is scared of getting “fat”.I think it would be SO beneficial to show fat men just like we show fat women and show them in a beautiful and positive light.

  • lolly songh says:

    I love this thought-provoking content! Really proud of you to speak about that🙌

  • Jordan Wright says:

    My husband truly does not care about what he looks like lol. I mean I have to tell him to change his shirt for church lol

  • Nora Holzinger says:

    Men’s character and value and worth is not premised on their physical appearance like it is for women.

    • blogilates says:

      Yeah, so true!

    • aouassar fatima says:

      Correct 👌

    • PoloBoyPrince says:

      But as a man we are still insecure about how we look like rather we’re tall enough, musclar, being too skinny etc. We may hide it but they are real things we may insecure about.

    • Not Me says:

      @PoloBoyPrince IKR? And all this ignorant OP is saying is she values men based on their wallet, height and probably D size…
      How is that better?
      How is that different?
      Shame on you ladies.
      When other women share their biased opinions as unbiased fact, it makes me so ashamed of my own gender. You are all coddled. Even given your own mannequin sizes and you still want to complain about your minor first world problems? Good Lord..

  • Allyson Scott says:

    This is really interesting! My Boyfriend and I talk about Body Positivity a lot because we’re both invested in the movement. He is less interested in seeing models look like him and more interested in having movie stars look like him (or just like not perfection). He also thinks that clothes are more designed for skinnier bodies and finds it harder to “style” for his body size (just to clarify he’s like 30 pounds overweight)

  • Queenofmeow says:

    Cassey, this is why I love you. Thank you for bringing light to a subject that not many people focus on!

  • Drrck11 says:

    Because men are not as fixated on our body image as women are. I honestly don’t care what the mannequin at the store looks like.

  • jg salini says:

    Hey one thing I want to say is teenage boys and men b/ w 20 to 50 years of age do go to gym to get those abs and biceps and triceps. They too want the ideal mens body but it’s not so widespread by the words of the media and magazines when compared to women

  • Mr Wonderful says:

    I’m gay and I feel like this might be a reason why there is a stereotype of gay men looking more attractive? 🤔

  • YazmanianDevil says:

    Biological sociology would say because of biology, the female species cares more about interpersonal relationships and therefore, self image.

  • Adarah Larkin says:

    Cassie, I think that there is one very important point that needs to be acknowledged that wasn’t mentioned in your post.

    Historically, women’s good looks were their economic currency.

    Men did not financially depend on women, but most women were completely dependent on their fathers and husbands. The more attractive a woman was the better her chance of “catching” a good husband (e. g. financially successful). A man didn’t need to focus on his appearance in the same way at all as long as he had money and could support a wife and family.
    I think women were socialized in this way until they became financially independent. Now that women can support themselves they don’t have to tolerate the constraints that used to be part of their lives “because that’s just how life is”. Women have so much more choice now! Thank you RBG and the hundreds and thousands who preceded her!

    • Not Me says:

      This is true but we don’t need to treat men the same discriminatory way based on their income, fancy car, D size, height etc in order to “get even” for what previous generations have done. Alot of women in my social circles that I hear discussing this are usually making this argument as an excuse to feel better about how they treat men currently.
      Maybe some women need to hear what Gilette told the boys, “Do Better”.

  • Sam Elle says:

    I find that diet culture is more targeted at females more so than males which can be a reason why males dont really think about body positivity. I know this is a reoccuring topic and issue that comes up with male friends that I talk to where they just dont understand body positivity. I think it’s hard for one to understand when they dont come from a place where there are ideals placed on them from when they were younger and where society expects them to look a certain way

  • B.Champagne says:

    I actually saw a plus size, Black male model on I believe Boohoo’s site. I was definitely shocked and it made me think that it’s something I don’t regularly see.

  • Kathryn Lundquist says:

    On dating sites, most men enter that they are fit (when they are not) LOL

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