Relaxing stretches for better sleep & increased flexibility (you can do in bed!)

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We all know that getting exercise and feeding your body right is important when it comes to getting fit and healthy. But a lot of times, we THINK we are doing everything we are supposed to do but actually, we are not. There is one more thing we need to concentrate on – SLEEP.

If you don't sleep enough, you put your body under stress. If you are stressed, you can't get the results you want. Stress makes it hard to gain muscle and lose fat. Stress makes it DIFFICULT to lose weight when your body is not well rested!

SO! Today, I am showing you a full bed time stretching routine that will relax you and get you ready to fall asleep. Do this with me at night and you will have a deeper, more relaxing sleep that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and recharged when you wake up! These stretches will also help you increase flexibility.

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    Flexibility? Isn’t that the ability to flex your muscles?

    -Dom Mazzetti

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    I’ve wanted to search exercises like this than you upload it. Thanks XD.

    (sorry for bad english)

  • Naaz Siddiqui says:

    I love u Cassey ….this video is so relaxed and nice …u r truly my inspiration …and yeah pls do a 30 day thigh challenge or just post more thigh /leg workouts

  • RIRI says:

    Heey girl! Absolutely love your stretching videos! When I can They are on repeat in the morning and last thing at night!☺️👌🏾

  • MMAKEUPK says:

    I need this in my life.

    I need this right now, as I binge Netflix before bed.

    Anyone else relate?

    Also microscope YouTuber here,, (don’t have as great content as Cassey but I tri:,) ) 😪❤️

  • DarkNightOfVampires says:

    I was literally jumping up and down cheering in happiness from this video! Thank you so much! I do your morning and bedtime stretches everyday and am glad there will be a second bedtime one 😊
    If you ever feel like making more morning stretching videos or stretching videos in general…YES YES YES thousands of yes and any type of workout videos. I love them all you’re the best and inspire me so much ahhh so happy ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Danni Ray says:

    I was just googling bed stretches and the first thing I see when I open YouTube is this 😂

  • pineapple_craze says:

    this is such a deja vu!! so proud of how far you’ve come Cassey ;3 i’m also really happy about how you’re not just focused on the physical stuff but also mental calmness!! I’m REALLY looking forward to more videos like this!!!

  • Koffee Kat says:

    I feel like my memory foam bed is like a big gym mat 😊

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    I was doing an “aww” for legit when I saw the notification
    October’s going to an adventurous month for me and I think this is what I’ll need every night.
    Thank you cassey ❤️

  • Krys says:

    This was actually perfecting timing as it was just getting to my bedtime when this popped up 😂😴

  • Morning Star says:

    Finally something up my alley.

  • theFitty says:

    I’m so *thrilled to see you upload a video after a break! 🙂 who else is following her 90-day Journey?! Cassey, you’re absolutely killing it except in the sleep department so… Take your own advice and watch your own video, haha! 🙂 I also have a few stretchy videos on my channel if it helps you zzz as well. Namaste!*

  • Tugce Oz says:

    My bed is too small for this

  • Matilda Winner says:

    When your bed isn’t big enough to stretch your legs out

  • Angela Kim says:

    Please do a video for that time of the month for those of us (like me) who have cramps so bad you can barely walk.

  • netta kins says:

    yasss this is what I need this morning😂❤

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