How to stay in good mood in the very complicated world

By Jean Laguerre | Motivation & Goal Setting

Stay in Good Mood in The very Complicated World.

There are many reasons as to why we get in a bad mood. It could be that we forgot to eat lunch, had an unpleasant experience with a customer, or maybe our bad mood was triggered by the long line of traffic on the way to work. Our bad mood usually has to do with the stressful lives we live. For the most part, our mood is triggered when we try to avoid a disturbing situation.

The more we avoid a stressful situation, the more irritable we become. When we get stressed our body will display it in different ways. It will elevate our heart rate and increase our blood pressure. When we are stressed our teeth will clench and we tend to get headaches and become emotionally upset. When we become stressed, our health also suffers.Then stress starting to affect your health.

See how stress affects your health

There are several symptoms that are associated with stress, some of these include nervousness, fidgeting, loss of focus, disinterest, depression, anxiety, inactivity, and more. We tend to escape stressful situations by blocking them out subconsciously. We do things that will make us feel better which are generally inclined towards addictive behaviors.

Some of these include alcohol, overeating, smoking, or gambling.

So what can you do?

Once you acknowledge the causes and effects that stress can cause, you can understand how it has an effect on your body and you can begin doing something to cope with it. There are a number of things you can do to minimize your stress. Some of these include eating.

If you are in a bad mood because you have not had a bite and your blood sugar is low, you should feel better once you have a few bites. Spicy foods are also known to release the endorphins the will boost your mood.

The more you can identify and gain control of irritating situations, the less likely you will become stressed.

-Physical activity can also help you change your bad mood into a good mood. It naturally increases your endorphins and switches your mood from bad to good.

-Music is also another stress reliever. As music releases dopamine into your brain, it emits pleasant feelings and you remain in a good mood.

-Laugh, when you laugh loudly you increase oxygen in your blood and reduce at the same time your stress.

One more thing is managing your time.Remember your time is priceless if you can make it a habit to write down your daily schedule you’ll be able to accomplish more in less time and less stress.In this World, everyone deals with events and situations in different ways. Even the simplest of things can cause a person to get in a bad mood.

By knowing how your body and brain react to stressful situations you can identify and react in a good manner.It’s important to know what our triggers are so that we can stay in a good mood even when life gets complicated.

Remember whatever the situation you never been the first nor the last one to be in.
Personally, when things happen, I always ask myself how bad can it be. And that is the same question Dr.Seus is asking in this funny video.I really like it and I hope you enjoy it too.


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