Get Back to My Goal Weight,Reinforce My Cardio And Apply Good Habits Is My Plan.

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

My goal

My Plan to Get Back to My Goal Weight




Without a plan whatever plan you have, it’s just a wish.Having a specific plan will raise your self-confidence and help you achieve the goals you’ve set. Trainer Has Spoken: Here’s How Much Cardio You Need Every Day For Weight Loss Health benefits: decreased risk for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosis. My trainer additions would include improved mobility, flexibility, agility, and balance maintenance.

To lose weight, you are going to need to put in the time — five to six days a week for the active weight-loss portion. Always allow a recovery day, but that doesn’t mean you have to be sedentary.

Keep moving with a walk or restorative yoga, but allow your muscles time to repair and your energy system to rest. Constant demands on both lead to injury, overtraining, and mental fatigue; you will lose interest in continuing.

Habits are important when they are choosing meaningfully. 5 Habits Will Add 12 Years to Your Life, According to Harvard Researchers A new study found that people who live the longest follow these five simple rules.

Every day it seems like there’s new advice for living longer: drink red wine, add turmeric to that morning latte, or try these dozens of other things.

Now, researchers from Harvard University have nailed down the best ways to add more than a decade to your life. All you need is to never have smoked, have a healthy BMI, hit the gym, avoid overindulging in alcohol, and maintain a healthy diet.

Published in the journal Circulation, the paper concludes that men who adhere to all five behaviors live roughly 12 years longer than those who don’t follow any of them. (Women who meet the same criteria live an additional 14 years.)

These habits also decrease the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and cancer, the two leading causes of death in the United States.

Good habits help you automate your routine activities.Good habits serve to create order, efficiency, and routine.

Finally, you’ll be in one word. SMART.

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