Use Your Kitchen If You Want To Live A Healthy Lifestyle.

By Jean Laguerre | Happiness

Do you know your healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen


Most people including myself used to believe the best option to eating healthy and improving my lifestyle through my diet was to get diet freezer meals. Well, this assumption was far from correct because diet freezer meals are insignificant and often lead to increased cravings which will lead to binge eating just to satisfy such cravings.

Another disadvantage of eating freezer meals was that they had to be purchased which resulted in way more money being spent as compared to the amount that would have been spent by cooking your own food in your kitchen.


Your diet is a major influence that you should pay attention to if your goal is to create and live a healthier lifestyle. According to a lot of fitness practitioners, a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen. Most people know this fundamental fact but are reluctant to follow it largely because our world has become so fast-paced such that we can’t even find the time to make our own meals, a trend that is becoming disastrous.


Well, to be honest, preparing your own meals at home is not supposed to be as complicated as it’s made to seem. Apart from that, it’s not time-consuming either. To do it as efficiently and effectively as possible, you only need three things namely an uncomplicated recipe, top-notch appliances and a fraction of your 24hours. If you want to make your life in the kitchen as awesome as it should be, here are some 4 amazing tips for you to follow.


  1. Work with delicious but simple recipes

Recipes are important in meal preparation and they should never be neglected nor ignored. You might be asking where to get recipes, my advice would be that you should look for food bloggers and follow the advice they share with regards to their recipes. If you are not a fan of bloggers, then try watching cooking shows such as The Kitchen and others. But before taking any of the shared advice, you should ensure that you take note of the total calories in the specific meal to avoid the risk of overeating.


  1. Have awesome kitchen Appliances

You need excellent and enough kitchen appliances if you aim to effectively prepare your recipes for enjoyable meals. Some of the appliances you need are a refrigerator for storing perishable ingredients. Apart from the refrigerator, you also need a stove, microwave and all necessary appliances that will make your cooking easier.


  1. Use Fresh ingredients

One of the greatest benefits of preparing your meals by yourself in your own kitchen is that you are in control. You are able to control the ingredients you use which will also give you direct control over your calorie intake for a healthy lifestyle. When choosing your ingredients, be certain to ensure that every nutrient will be accurately represented so that your body is adequately satisfied by the meal. A balanced diet is important because it is healthy and will work to ensure that you’ll develop from the inside out.


As I said above, a healthy life begins in the kitchen and if you want to live one, then your kitchen should definitely become your favorite room.

Once you start doing that you will see the difference. Remember, my goal is to see more people: Get Healthy-Be Happy and Feel Secure.

Those are beautiful things indeed.

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-Jean Laguerre, DM


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