At Home Total Body Slimming Workout – Using Only a Couch!

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Now that we're doing all our workouts at home, it's time to get resourceful. There are SO MANY regular household items you can turn into exercise equipment, and today we're using my fave spot… the couch!! We're gonna work the whole body – arms, abs, legs, you name it!!

You've got 10 moves, one minute on, 10 seconds off:

1. Squats
2. Squat Knee Tuck
3. Tricep Dips
4. Split Lunge (R)
5. Split Lunge (L)
6. Couch Climbs
7. Leg Outs
8. Couch Taps
9. Russian Twists
10. Couch Arm Balance

Workout starts at 1:13!

April workout calendar:

Here is where I get all of my music! Epidemic Sound:

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  • Bre Bristow says:

    Omg this is great. Stay safe everyone

  • Siddhi Joshi says:

    Another 28 days summer sculpt plssssss cassey!!! Loads and loads of love 💓 ! You’re such an inspitation!

  • Sam Elle says:

    Only a couch?! Well THIS I can definitely do!!!! Thank you so much!!

  • Hi Someone says:

    Good cause I wasn’t going to leave my couch anyway 🤣

  • HRM Hrm says:

    Can you please show us your daily stretching routine? love ya 💕

  • Natalia Malenkikh says:

    When I think that there is nothing new to create in home trainings Cassey finds completely new ideas. 🤗👍 Thank you so much for endless inspiration!

  • LittleMiss Peach says:

    Wow ive never been this early, stay safe yall 🙏🏼

  • Anika Bushra says:

    You’re becoming more beautiful day by day!♥️

  • Heidi Muszynski Music says:

    Ok well now I don’t feel so bad for always doing your “insane arms” workout from my couch 😂 great minds think alike?? 😉

  • Ahsoka Tano says:

    I love your workouts!!!! You are so funny and cheerful 😄. Thanks for making working out fun and motivational 💛🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️

  • Viktória Ivanová says:

    Seriously i love that so many people discovered you in this weird times of quarantine, because you truly deserve all the hype! I’ve been doing your workout videos since 2014 & I just want to thank you for that I can workout in the comfort of my home. Cuz im an introvert and i absolutely hate the idea of going to the gym!! So, thank you, Cassey.

    • Nicole Tabi says:

      Viktória Ivanová
      Yes! That’s what I was thinking. She has more subscribers now I’m so proud of her. I’ve been following her workouts for a while now, she so deserves it!!❤️❤️

  • mezun ve de mutsuz says:

    She has a lot of positive energy, When I watch her I get happy everytime Love you soooo much <33

  • Malak Khalil says:


  • theFitty says:

    *Well, you definitely got all of us couch potatoes. 🙂 this is perfect. 🥔*

  • MiszVizzo says:

    yes! this one was great! just finished and already feel the sweat coming

  • alexis luna says:

    that awkward moments when you dont have a couch so you cant do this workout lmao (i recently moved into a new apartment and it was unfurnished so i literally only have bookshelves and my desk in here)

  • karin .j says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say that you, Cassey, are the sunshine of my every day. You give me so much positive energy and because of you I fell in love with working out and I look forward to my workout and I enjoy it. Please, don’t stop doing what you do. I hope, I will meet you some day! Love from Czechia ❤️

  • kor9 says:

    i almost start crying when i cant do a move; it makes me feel so weak and insecure. but i know there are other blogilates videos that i used to not be able to do and now i consider them warm-ups! we all grow differently, you can do it!

  • simsalasaskia says:

    I just did this while watching the news and for the first time in forever I was not anxious or annoyed after the news but energised! You rock, Cassey

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