14 DAY PANDEMIC GROCERY HAUL! What I’m buying to survive a quarantine (Trader Joe’s Edition)

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14-Day Quarantine Workout Plan: …

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I hope that today you are safe and healthy. Times are so crazy right now. for the entire world. Sam and I are self quarantining right now, trying to minimize contact with others. Our entire team is working from home indefinitely. Gyms, restaurants, and bars are forced to be closed right now. Many of my friends are on lock down. It's just a matter of time until LA is on lock down too.

I went to Trader Joe's this morning to stock up on 2 weeks worth of groceries. It was eerie to see people lined up outside the store…and weird to be counted into the store as customers were counted out. Luckily, when I went in the morning, everything was pretty much stocked so I got what I needed. On Instagram you guys wanted to know what I bought so I decided to film this video for you.

My heart aches for the people out there who won't be getting a paycheck this week, those who can't pay for groceries, and can't pay for rent due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. I pray that you can get what you need to make it through this difficult time. I realize I am very very fortunate – being able to even buy groceries is a privilege.

I hope today's pandemic grocery haul video brings some minute level of joy or freshness into your quarantined life. I'm sharing with you my healthy pandemic grocery haul staples like cauliflower rice, coconut aminos, sweet potato gnocchi, eggs, chicken breast, green beans, shishito peppers, baby bell peppers and tomatoes as well as more "normal people" grocery haul staples like bread, tortillas, ice cream, mochi, ravioli, cheese, cereal, rice, pita bread etc.

Let's all please remember to be nice to each other in these crazy times. And please please please, pay attention to the CDC and watch out for updates from your local government! We all need to work TOGETHER to help save one another, especially the elderly.

Sending you my love and strength to you and your family.


Here is where I get all of my music! Epidemic Sound:


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  • dearsharonie says:

    I thought it was so thoughtful ur writing at the start – very sensitive. I’m
    Excited to watch this and haven’t even started! Also I can’t make it through ur quarantine workouts. I always do one set 🙁 can u pls do a workout for when u binge eat and feel guilty and want to burn calories

  • Silvie Procházková says:

    Cassey we need indoor workout to stay fit, maybe something for children too. I am from Czech republic and we are currently in quarantine. I am bored, stressed, I eat a lot and it is not good.

  • theFitty says:

    *finally, your first vlog and what seems to be forever! 🙂 and no better time to upload it to since we’re all bored indoors. Thank you! 😉😉😉💗💗💗*

  • Karin Schalin says:

    How could there be soo much plastic? 😂 i´m surprised since where I live we buy potatoes and fruit for example by bringing our mini bag to the store etc

  • Brooke Willis says:

    I love how everyone is judging Casey when she is just trying to keep Sam and herself safe and healthy. She’s not hoarding. She told us that those ingredients are going into RECIPES. She’s not eating all of that by herself. She’s buying for 2 people with different diets. Leave Casey alone. You do you and let her live her own life.

  • Meowlody says:

    I went once last week and today, I spent about the same amount as you for me and my husband and my pets, I won’t have to go out for a while! Stay safe out there guys!

  • Mindy says:

    Trader Joes’ Roasted Red Pepper and Tomoto Soup is great too. Thank you for bringing positivity and a fun aspect to a hard time for a lot of people. Also, thank you for being sensitive to those who are struggling. My heart goes out to those who have been especially hit hard ❤
    Regarding the negative comments: When I couldn’t afford to buy myself food in the past and didn’t know where my food for the next day was coming from, I still enjoyed youtube videos about food, especially ones that are positive and teach you to eat healthy and balanced. I wasn’t offended in my time of need. We all need to eat and stock up a little (which is not the same as hoarding). We don’t know if or when we’ll get sick and have to quarentine for 14 days. It hurts to know people are hurt by the topic of food and following government guidelines. I pray their needs are met too ❤

  • Lava Yuki says:

    So many things are sold out where I live, even not so popular things like soya milk and egg whites that I normally buy

  • Maria Guerra Arreaza says:

    it gave me so many ideas for different meals, thanks for sharing Cassie, sending love to you, Sam and the rest of the family

  • Abishiree Steyne says:

    Coconut aminos are the BEST!!

  • Amber J says:

    I’ve been doing blogilates no-weights, home workouts every day of quarantine, love the videos!

  • lawrinda arhin says:

    They were keeping theirs distance cox they didn’t wanna risk cross infection

  • ozzlii says:

    Thank you for sharing! And thank you for coaching reasonable grocery hauls, I think the criticism is misdirected here, since it’s those buying months of food or clearing out shelves that are causing shortages!

  • ItsZeeStyle says:

    This reminds me of when she used to do cheap clean eats 😍

  • Alyssa Shoemaker says:

    Unfortunately my family makes income off of the stock market and my friends know that and were concerned for me (considering its DIEING) but I’ve been able to afford groceries and necessities, and we are saving money anywhere we can so I am REALLY hoping this Pandemic blows over soon so I can get back to school and work over the summer and HOPEFULLY restaurants will be open by my birthday (April 24) so I can eat out on my sweet 16 with my family!! Other than that, it has been a blessing in disguise because college has been doing e-learning and I’ve been able to see my brother and sisters like how I was as a kid and I have so much more time to focus on my overall health and make all of my meals, exercise, and help my mom with chores!! It’s given me a lot of family time, which I’m very grateful for– AND I’ve been going on tons if walks with my family and dog and I recently got to spend time with my best friend who I haven’t seen in weeks, so I’ve really cherished this extended break from school, even if we do have to keep ourselves from buying anything more than necessary! Anyway, what I’m trying to say is focus on all the positives that this has given us, because there’s not much we can do about the negatives at the moment, so let’s make the most of it!!

  • ruby yang says:

    Trader Joe’s : hipster pnw community
    Whole Foods: judgy housewives from seventh circle of hell 😅🙄

  • nika10029 says:

    How can you eat sooo healthy when your man eats different food? SOOO IMPRESSED!

  • Laura says:

    The title isn’t really gonna help with the panic buying. In my country you can’t get everywhere yoghurt or other stuff anymore. That’s really frustrating because we need groceries for 6 people.

  • Nikita Niemonen says:

    Stop hoarding people! It´s so ignorant and you are messing up other peoples lives when they can´t get food because everything is sold out. Shop like usual and everyone will be fine.

  • Heather Strider says:

    I don’t know why everyone is mad, she’s showing people how to buy the important stuff, she’s not hoarding, she’s not buying 30 things of toilet paper its just “hey im as stressed as u guys are, come shopping with me and lets NOT panic buy” like? y’all are mad

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