What Makes You Bootyful Butt Challenge

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Try this cool 3 minute workout to One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful for a firm and lifted booty led by fitness instructor Cassey Ho!

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  • Lucy says:

    what the heck xD haha a minute into the workout I didn’t even know if I was squeezing my butt.. I think my butt got numb or something xD

    • iloveplumjam smith says:

      that happens to me if i do this w/o right after doing a different bum workout like squats. I have learnt that i get the most out of this workout if i do it before doing other bum exercises or a of couple hours after 🙂

  • Arisanime says:

    no pain no gain, ladies

  • Divya22 says:

    omg doe, her body looks bangin in this video!

    • Jeanie Nguyen says:

      Divya22 ikr!! but apparently she said that during this time period it wasn’t healthy for her to be this thin mentally and physically :/ which is sad to hear but nice to see that she was truthful

    • Emily Johnson says:

      Jeanie Nguyen I’m 2 years late but where did she say this?? That’s sad

    • mastoidrama says:

      @Emily Johnson she posted a blog post about it. I was watching her videos back then. She talked about how awful it was and totally messed up her mind and health. She may have also posted a video too.

  • Ellie Boan says:

    its gotten to the point where i can say everything that she says while working out to the video. i know every single word.

  • kairinaminemix says:

    that awkward moment when someone barges in your room while you’re doing this work-out…

  • Corinne Hentschel says:

    cassey if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt be half as happy as i am today

  • MC Hallman says:

    I can officially say this is my favorite blogilates video ever

  • rAiNiEpUn007 says:

    Cassey: How does your butt feel?
    Me: What butt? #RIPBUTT

  • CrystleKuri says:

    Cassey: single leg raise!!
    Me: …screw that penny.

  • Shy Chey says:

    You should do an exercise for ‘Drag Me Down’

  • ThatDaniGirl says:

    What I love about you, Cassey, is that your videos and personality don’t intimidate me but they still challenge me 🙂 you don’t wear clothes that are riding up on you and the camera angle isn’t below you so we aren’t looking up at you from your bum 😛

    You are a classy, genuinely lovely lady and I hope you continue to make videos for as long as possible- or however long you want to make them 🙂

  • ChngWei Victoria says:

    cassy: hold ittt
    me: *falls back down* oh hell no

  • Cheyenne Jefferson says:

    when the leg goes up its over for me

  • sissayyye says:

    And 4 years later this & ‘ Call Me Maybe Squats ‘ still hurts 🙃

  • Kristal Garcia says:

    my butt is not happy with me but i am happy with it

  • 이정인 says:

    I love when you say “it’s hurting me too” It feels like I’ve got a friend who’s doing this challenge together with me. Thanks for this amazing video!

  • styleboat says:

    when it gets to the leg lift I’m like HURRY UP HARRY WITH UR SOLOOOO

  • Jennifer Zhou says:

    I’ve done this twice everyday for a month and all my cellulite on my legs has vanished!!! this is a life (and booty) saver <3 thank you so much cassey!!

  • Jaycee Razor says:

    Cassy: “Do you feel the burn?”
    Me: “I started feeling the burn two minutes ago…”
    Cassy: “lift that leg!”
    Me: Slowly and painfully dies.

  • Cyleena Jackson says:

    PLEASE MAKE AN UPDATED VERSION OF THIS WITH A NEW SONG!! I love these short challenges, but I’ve seen this like a million times 🙁

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