Here is some Benefits of Weight Loss Spread Within Couples-Base on a Study.

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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Whether you need to lose weight to look more attractive in an upcoming function or shed that flab to stay healthy in general, here is a study for weight loss that you must consider.

Associate professor Amy Gorin and her team studied 128 co-habiting hetero and homosexual couples over a six-month period. (seyomedo/Shutterstock) When one-half of a couple embraces good health, there’s a higher likelihood that the other half will, too, a recent study suggests.


“The concept is called the ripple effect and it means that weight loss interventions delivered to one spouse have unintended, but positive benefits on the other spouse,” said study co-author Amy Gorin, associate professor in psychological sciences at the University of Connecticut. “That is, spouses that are not actively involved in [a diet] treatment also tend to lose weight.”


Gorin and colleagues noted online on Feb. 1 in the journal Obesity that weight within couples tends to be proportionally equivalent between partners at the outset. Read more…

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