Fat Burning Cardio Warmup | POP Cardio

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Do this warmup before you start my videos to warm up your muscles and get all revved up for your workout! POP Pilates DVD coming out on 12.16.12! Ahhh!
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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine's Best Healthy Living Blogger.

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  • Niamh Mccormack says:

    I’ve added so many views to this I’m sure

  • SaraHogberg says:

    I always make sure NO ONE can see me when I do this workout 

  • Lorienza Fuller says:

    cassey, pleaaase make more dance cardio videos!1

  • Siecross says:

    is it sad that I use this as my WORKOUT

  • Fatima A says:

    She’s SO energetic!! & I’m here like “How can you be so happy when i’m here dieing!!!” KEEP IT UP!! You motivate us to keep going THANK YOU !!! =D

  • Sammi McSporran says:

    Has anyone managed to work out what the green flashes are? Am I being bombarded with subliminial motivational messages??? 😛

  • Samantha Morris says:

    this will forever be my favorite blogilates workout! This is the workout that started my journey 

  • Rhianna M says:

    wow I hit my kneee with my elbow right before you said “make sure not to hit your knee with your below”

  • T Tao says:

    i don’t think wedged sneakers are ideal for work outs….

  • RemindMeToRead says:

    I think this is the only video I can get through without stopping. Or maybe I’m just getting stronger. I have 4 more videos to do today for the #SepTONEber calendar.

  • KIPONee says:

    This was fun & the only one I was able to finish xD

  • Saramaria Rodrigues says:

    like…. THIS WAS SO FUN :DD

  • Tatiana Le says:

    for anyone saying she doesn’t have that impressive of a physique, she doesn’t have to be ripped with washboard abs and like 3% body fat, she is a pilates instructor because she encourages and guides us

  • Cleo S says:

    I think this is my most favourite cardio warm-up of hers.. 🙂 ….maybe because it’s the easiest XD

  • Grace Piña says:

    Cassey, you should make more cardio warmups similar to this one!

  • Alex Murillo says:

    Day 4 of the beginners 2.0 calendar :))

  • K N says:

    This didn’t even feel like a workout because it was so fun!

  • Ruth Kneebone says:


  • Ruth Stevens says:

    Is the video glitching for anyone else? like the screen turns greens for a split second but at a lot of different points in the video.

  • TheReviewHuman says:

    “Not going to turn on a Youtube video and do 50 burpees in a row”… 24th December. The 100 Burpee Burnout.

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