Eat These Foods to Burn Belly Fat

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Where does fat go when you lose weight? What foods increase your metabolism? Today I am sharing with you my best belly fat blasting foods and tips.

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  • Kenz says:

    i really just wanted a list of what to eat …

  • Qaq ssq says:

    What I really hate about my belly fat is that whenever I sit it makes those three layers in my belly which is really annoying and uncomfortable

  • Kristin Synn says:

    Watching this at 1am..

  • Isabella Mia says:

    *puts down chocolate*

  • Roy Caloca says:

    I’m breathing until I’m 100 pounds

  • Rachel W says:

    In need of some motivation 😁 1 like = one day without junk food and one blogilates workout done!! (following one of her videos) 💗

  • Dawn says:

    SUMMERY- skip to 5:35
    eat foods like: salmon, avocado, olive oil, almonds, beans, green tea, cyan pepper, vinegar and lots of protein, as it takes more energy to digest them.
    Also make sure to sleep and exercise, its about everything not just your diet.
    like this and YOUR WELCOME

  • CourtneyM Able says:

    She said to get sleep but i am watching this at 3:00

  • N says:

    “When you eat food like donuts”

    i’m eating a donut rn

  • Francis Ann Enrique says:

    But Im an asian and white rice is our staple food…

  • Michealla Edwards says:

    That burger and fries looked so good…

  • Ducky Momo says:

    im asian and we really need to eat rice in our country…its part of our breakfast, lunch, and dinner… if u dont u get smack huhuhu

  • Alexandra Wu says:

    Literally subscribed to both blogilates and howtocakeit at the same time

  • sakzitime says:

    you say sleep and I’m watching this at 4.42am lmao

  • Anjew says:

    I’m Mexican so beans is an everyday thing lol

  • mariam khaled says:

    “You lose weight by breathing out”!
    Me: breaths out like a lunatic*.
    Mom walks in*
    Mom: what the f is wrong with you?
    Me: I’m trying to lose weight.
    Mom: One normal child that’s all I ask for..

  • Kat marie says:

    i had to turn up the volume so i could hear it over the crunching of my doritos

  • martha atakora says:

    I eat white rice like everyday cause it’s in my culture and to not eat it I basically disrespectful so what do I do

  • Symr MA says:

    I can’t sleep more. I’m a medical student. It’s impossible lol.

  • uwu김님준 says:

    every time I try to lose weight, I lose weight in the wrong places, ya know wat I mean?

    • uwu김님준 says:

      like I do lose some weight in my stomachs thats all i want but in other places too that I don’t want to happen

    • Jennavi says:

      Alyssa Lopez maybe you need to incorporate more strength training, plan days where you focus on the area you want to increase mass (legs, butt, or arms for example) and just do some weight training. If you continue with a proper diet and some cardio, you should be able to keep whatever you want down, and whatever you don’t want down, fuller :^)

    • iamisabel says:

      You lose weight from where you first gained it. This means that if your goal is to lose weight from your stomach only, it won’t happen. If you first gained weight in your stomach then it’s probably going to be the last area you loose the fat. And remember, if you’re just doing strength training and not a lot of cardio, you will lose weight but you will also gain muscle.

    • MyBloomingLife says:

      me trying to gain weight: gains it all in my face and stomach 🙁

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