All-Natural Weight-Loss Aids

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

If you're eating all the right foods but still not losing weight as quickly as you'd like, Dr. Oz has the missing piece of the puzzle. Add these all-natural aids to every meal to help safely lose weight faster.

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  • fjols888 says:

    This has nothing to do with AIDS

  • Gisselle Gonzalez says:

    he’s not talking about an STD, he’s talking about AIDING your weight loss

  • Candice S. says:

    All this dang on Spam!

  • Spencer Howard says:

    Dr oz have has essentially been done for fraud for promoting stuff that he knows not to work. Remember that before you rush out to buy this crap.

  • Trafficwave Krista says:

    Best thing to do is go on Pinterest and look at other metabolism boosters and weight loss NATURAL ideas. 2 TBS of Apple cider vinegar with water, 2 TBS of Lemon juice and 1 TBS of Cinnamon burns fat fast!!!! Drink a cup a day

  • Belinda Hopkins says:

    My friend first introduced me to the diet plan “fizy amazing plan”, and i also googled it. I first discovered about it through my mates and I can`t think how much it has improved my life. I have shed 13 pounds so far and I feel excellent.

  • Rob Weber says:

    that lady is only in her thirties but she acts like that is old.

  • 5 says:

    Fat burner : turn on the button of juice extractor add garlic , ginger , green chilli, lemon, apple cider vinegar take out juice 🌝

  • Richard Hawran says:

    Fat cells don’t relax and let fat out, hormones tell fat cells when to use their energy. Pick up any biochemistry book and flip to the metabolism chapter 🙂

    • Colton Moore says:

      I think he was more referring to the overall less inflammatory = better weight loss. He definitely miss spoke but when the body isn’t inflamed it’s going to function better.

    • Asia says:

      It’s not just hormones. I read a research paper online that explained why narcotics like crack cocaine slim people down. It turns out neurotransmitters play a big role in fat loss. The large amounts of dopamine that get released when using cocaine contribute to fat loss according to a research paper I read. A safer way to do it would be to smoke a lot of cannabis because obviously crack kills. Testosterone boosting supplements/steriods and weed. Pretty much if you want the hardcore truth the steroid dannabol and cannabis should get any one ripped. Dannabol is legal in Mexico but not usa. Americans will have to use dhea and cannabis. Dhea is so slow and weak that you have to take it 3x a day with each meal. 50mg of dhea per meal 3x a day. Dhea is legal because it is so slow to work. They make the good stuff illegal on purpose. They know people need it. They don’t care. Dannabol and cannabis should deliver. If we had a push to legalize dannabol as we did cannabis in usa we would see a massive decline in obesity. It is all caused by chemical imbalances. If you tried every diet and failed it is not the diet. It is your chemistry. Weightloss is actually very simple if you get high and do steroids. Look at body builders thet use illegal steroids and eat 5k calories a day while staying lean and ripped. They know it! The body builders fucking know it. Steroids kill just becareful. It needs to be legalized so that doctors can administer it. If steroids were legal doctors would prevent so many deaths. When a doctor administers roids you have less to worry about but when some guy in his garage is injecting it by himself with no knowledge then you run into so many problems. Dannabol needs to be legal. Steroids will slim America along with cannabis. I take dhea 3x a day because it is the only legal option I have. The rest depends on supplements that boost t levels like D3 calcium omega 3, high fat diets and so much more that is to long to explain. You have to take a whole cocktail of supplements narcotics steroids etc just to be able to lose weight if you get stuck.

  • Janet Brown says:

    Im glad I found out about this it has helped me lose 19 pounds in the last few weeks.

  • Federica Di Fraia says:

    After I had found this weight loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” via Google, I felt excited to have a go quickly. I actually was extremely energized. My friend shed 10 lbs after this weight loss program, I truly recommend you research Google to uncover how. .

  • Maria Reyes says:

    Crushing my weight loss goals thanks to

  • s r k craetion Alam says:

    Sir pleas hindi audio me banay

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