Why You Should Exercise Regularly and Develop an Healthy Eating Habit to sustain weight loss

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

It’s losing bad habits easy. My answer is not.Is it possible? YES! and a Big YES.

My wife also was Struggle to lose weight and not to be too big almost her whole life.She has never been happy.She was eating bay fries and buffalo wings and drinking soda, so that wasn’t healthy.

Then she decided to get thin.She started counting calories, she gets down to low 133 s but was hungry and feel miserable all the time.She even started having some thyroid problems.

Thank God,

Now my wife tunes in her body and works with her physiology instead of incessantly fighting against it.

Listen what she said:”Now I eat when I’m hungry, and I eat healthily.I keep my weight in check and by not gaining too much muscle.

While exercise and healthy eating habits are considered to be the cornerstones of weight management, the new study suggests refraining from dieting and observing regular eating habits could be essential to successful weight management in both women and men.

“Generally speaking, weight management guidance often boils down to eating less and exercising more. In practice, people are encouraged to lose weight, whereas the results of our extensive population study indicate that losing weight is not an effective weight management method in the long run,” said Ulla Karkkainen, a researcher and nutritional therapist at the University of Helsinki in Finland.


“Often, people try to prevent and manage excess weight and obesity by dieting and skipping meals.

In the long term, such approaches seem to actually accelerate getting fatter, rather than prevent it,” Karkkainen added. For the study, published in the journal “Eating Behaviors”, the team included nearly 5,000 young men and women, where the participants answered surveys mapping out factors impacting weight and weight change when they were 24 years of age, and again 10 years later at the age of 34. Read more…

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