What You Need to Know About CBD

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CBD is one of the hottest wellness trends in the country, but do you really know enough about it? Dr. Oz and CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down the most common CBD questions. Find out Dr. Gupta’s main concern.

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  • LAYAL Azzam says:

    New information for me so important to know im a youtuber i like to know more about everything

  • Carmen Maria Ortiz says:

    It works for my anxiety

  • Pyramyd Seven says:

    Yes, buyer be aware. Government does not need to be regulating everything. It is encouraging to hear establishment/celebrity Doctor’s being positive about CBD. Now, if your average Doctor would just be allowed to really practice medicine without the scripts handed to them by industry and regulation, that would be awesome.

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Right treatments for anxiety are as follows
    1 Take exercise regularly
    2 Avoid loneliness
    3 Meditation
    4 Make a schedule for different tasks so you could keep yourself busy round the clock
    5 Make as many friends as possible
    6 Have firm faith in God
    7 when you feel the extreme fits of anxiety Drink 3 to 4 glass of water
    Lastly let me say this plz plz get rid of medicines to get rid of anxiety coz
    1 they give you a temporary relief
    2 medicines have side effects accordingly
    3 you can be addicted to them
    4 they gonna cost you accordingly so save money
    I believe only God has the cure for anxiety and depression

    • Brian Vaughan says:

      Sometimes you have to temporarily take the meds.. But by all means don’t get hooked.. Pill addiction is a major problem

    • Abu Huraira says:

      @Mary Roybal metformin is used by diabetics
      So plz tell me do you need information about metformin or diabetes and it’s treatment

    • Kanga says:

      Usually when in depressive states remember to not get religious because once you find some sort of atheist or antitheist media you will most likely fall into an existential crisis. I don’t really care about your stances on religion but avoiding an existential crisis is much more important that the short term effects of religiosity.

    • Kanga says:

      Also take your meds, we aren’t the ones with the doctorate in pharmaceuticals if it’s prescribed to you please take them.

    • Abu Huraira says:

      @Kanga well you can take limited number of antibiotics each year like Xrays and everyone knows that
      Otherwise you can get Cancer or other severe diseases
      You know very well how much medicine did you take last year but your doctor doesn’t know that

  • Queen Angel says:

    Asmr helped me with my sleep problems, also bio freeze did great for mussels and headache😊

  • Heislove says:

    I use CBD for lupus symptoms, I still have to take medication sometimes but the oil has been a miracle. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I am trying to cut down on caffeine. I do regular excersize. My CBD actually has a small amount of THC in it (Rick simpson) so it’s a hybrid. I take a small amount sublingually depending on how sick or stressed I may feel. I am by no means a recreational drug user. There is my small personal experience.

  • Patrick L says:

    the #1 thing u should know is 80% of the CBD oil sold noawadays is fake

  • Mike C says:

    Im smokin swisher sweet blunts living on mars flying to venus tomorrow

  • Annie says:

    😲😱 Trust the PHARMAFIA to want to CA$H IN as they alwayssss do!

  • green tree says:

    Been making cannabis infused coconut oil and my acne cleared up and I’m loosing belly fat.

  • Bambi Woods says:

    I tried CBD oil purchased for $100+ from a health spa. I wanted to see if it helped my neuropathy and anxiety. I didn’t see any difference at all. Not even a tiny bit.

  • Ian Cook says:

    Extract your own

  • Jeffrey Cox says:

    Dr oz. Investigation on different topics cbd might work. I don’t know. I might try it maybe it. Works. I am not sure. It could work for my anxiety disorder. And autism. Well maybe try it

  • mouad bekka says:

    Does this guy age ? Lol

  • BMWO Canada says:

    Yes, CBD is so beneficial that it is widely used now as an alternative to many pharmaceutical drugs and the best option for those who are looking for relief from pain and other symptoms without the mind-altering effects. Regarding fake CBD, I suggest you should buy in a registered dispensary or trusted dispensaries online to avoid getting fooled.

  • Kristie Angel says:

    Any recommendations on some legit CBD Brands???? That would be most helpful to so many people who are afraid to try it in fear of what’s in it. Thank you.

  • Jodie McClure says:

    I’ve taken koi cbd gummies and they helped me with the pain I was dealing with after dental surgery so I believe that cbd does work and help ppl with lots of issues they are having but doing your research is key

  • Ryback TV says:

    Hoping the Government will just legalize it already.

  • bandi my name says:

    How long does CBD block the faah enzyme responsible for the breakdown of anandamide?

  • Heislove says:

    Dr. Oz please recommend some reliable companies.

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