Try at Home: Anti-Aging Pilates Exercises

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Pilates guru Richie Mastascusa shows Dr. Oz Pilates exercises you can do at home to feel younger and healthier.

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  • Zonelyn filipina life in USA says:

    Yes thank you doc

  • Flower says:

    *When you are early and don’t know what to say*

  • Star Wars x EXO Collab says:

    Nice I’ll try them

  • King Leonidas Fitness says:

    I’ma be 180 years old if I combine this with all the yoga and vegan advice I’ve been getting lately😂

  • Kampala Brandon says:

    Drink only lots of water my own tip

  • Yaneth 1234 says:

    doctor Oz yo soy una gran fan de usted de su show asta compro sus revistas amo lo que usted enseña a todo usted es numero uno anivel mundial Como doctor y Como ser umano y tiene un gran corazon y que Dios todo poderoso lo siga bendiciendo y a su familia tambien

  • Ajoh Wong says:

    Anything to do with body and workouts I have like how the person teaching it looks otherwise no .
    I’m not going to do that class.they have to be looking fit and healthy to make me want to learn from them.

  • Mari Warnakulasuriya says:

    Thanks ..good vidio ..👍

  • Anre John says:

    The instructor’s fluidity is impressive.

  • eTheReal Deal says:

    What an amiable instructor. I wish he were my teacher, I have to vouch I have been taking reformer Pilates class once a week and it helps my body and spine feel soooo much better. I feel taller after class. It is wonderful. Check out club Pilates by you

  • Fluxpistol says:

    This guy doesn’t look very fit. Also, breathing is generally the number one principle of life.

  • Shaderock Chakra Shizzam Shizzade Louis says:

    Literally love you for this cool ,cute, fun and informative jolt .

  • XX 2019 says:

    Dr oz do not support this fake theif. He steals content from other reputable doctors by pretending he is going to invite them on the show, and then just takes all their material. Remember dr. Eric Berg? Video link below

  • Mike B says:

    Before I workout, I do a series of stretches, just like what I watched here. The only thing is, I don’t call it Pilates and I don’t want to call it Pilates. What I call it is stretch out what needs to be stretched so I don’t get hurt.

    Anti Aging Pilates eh?
    Maybe I should call them mike stretches?

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