The truth about Carb Cycling you need to know

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness


Carb cycling is relatively new in terms of dietary approaches. It is backed up by science based on carbohydrate manipulation’s biological mechanisms.

Yet, there are few official studies that have directly investigated carb cycling diets. Many people have found this regime a successful one.

However, Elite athletes have been using this method for years to boost their performance. Dieters are also starting to recognize the benefits.

So, how does carb cycling work? Essentially, this way of eating aims to match up the body’s requirement for glucose or calories. For instance, it supplies carbohydrates on days of intense training or workouts.

It achieves this by planning in days of high carbohydrate intake on those days.

High carbohydrate days refuel glycogen in the muscles. This too can reduce the breakdown of the muscles and improve sporting performance.

When high-carbohydrate periods are strategically planned, it’s possible to boost the functioning of appetite-regulating hormones. Ghrelin and leptin are both hormones associated with hunger and appetite.

Both can be better controlled with carb cycling diets.

On low carbohydrate days, the body switches to a different way of producing energy. Without the glucose from carbs to fuel it, it predominantly begins to burn fat.

This, in turn, helps to improve the body’s metabolic flexibility. It also helps the body to adapt more effectively to burning fat as a fuel source over the long-term.

Another major element in carb cycling is how it allows insulin to be manipulated. If you target your carbs around your workouts, it can improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin.

This is a sign of good health. It helps to protect against conditions like diabetes. It also helps to maximize the many benefits that carbohydrates provide.

Hope you stay strong, healthy, and safe.



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