Strength Training for Beginners

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Fitness trainer Todd Durkin demonstrates how to start resistance training at home, the mistakes to avoid, and how often you should exercise.

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  • XRP JR says:

    Oprah’s obedient lap dog has done well ☺️

  • Tracy Washington says:

    This Is Helpful!!!

  • Big Red says:

    Guy looks like he has never worked out lol

  • Roman Kondrachov says:

    Squat (if there problems => box squats). Chin/Pull Up (if can’t, start with inverted rows => lat pulldowns => banded chin/pull ups). Deadlift (if afraid/have problems => back extensions). Barbell/Dumbell Rows (if there are spine problems => chest supported rows or bodyweight rows). Lunges. Hanging Leg Lifts/Parallel Bar Leg Lifts (start with knee lifts if too difficult). Overhead Press. Push Ups/Dips (can do bench dips 1st / elevated push ups)

  • NITHIN Mathew says:

    Sir I have full body cramp plz do help me I need a solution

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