Squat Challenge for Slimmer Thighs in 4 weeks (3:30mins)

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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The is a 3mins 30secs Squat Challenge, which will give you Slimmer and Sexier thighs.
Challenge yourself to do it everyday and in 4 weeks time you will feel and notice the difference. By the end of 4 weeks, your thighs will be slimmer, stronger and this challenge should be very easy for you.

The challenge is very simple to follow accompanied by clear instructions from the music.
The music is 'Flower' by Moby, also the OST for "Gone in 60 Seconds" film.

It can be perform anywhere, even when you're waiting for the bus. LOL!
I like the music because it has very clear instruction for the challenge.

Leave your comments and let me know whether you managed to complete the challenge without stopping.

If it helps, measure your right or left thigh prior to starting the challenge, and measure it again after 4 weeks. Just check that you're measuring the exact same spot!

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Hello there! I'm Jean Laguerre, a free-spirited soul who's overcome challenges. I'm here to share tips on weight loss, staying healthy, and living a fulfilling life. Let's connect with those seeking inner peace and a healthier life.

  • Nureen Zailan says:


  • autumntayyy says:

    Me watching it: Oh this is so easy
    Me trying it: MY LEGS MY LEEEGGSS

  • Essies_Transformation Journey says:

    I was finally able to do the entire 3.30 this morning, along with 12 minutes of workout on the Wii. I had some cake and ice cream last night and felt guilty!

  • Bxbas96 says:

    At the very last “Pulse” i was just DYING.. but I don’t know why, at the same moment I begin to laugh! 😀

  • Desvelada says:


  • Ayypril says:

    I did this for 4 weeks and kept doing it and still am and my legs/butt have changed sooo much! This is ridiculously helpful 🙂

  • nats says:

    The burn from the final pulse tho…

  • PinkieBom Kim says:

    I have to watch this video while doing the challenge to keep me motivated,haha.

  • Alice says:

    Don’t post youtube comments a lot, but just wanted to say that I just finished the 28 day challenge today and (as well as doing a little cardio daily) it’s helped me lose 1.5 inches on each thigh, and they’re really firm and jiggle free now, so thank you!

  • skeleton unicorns says:

    Joanna: “Almost at the end! <3"
    My thighs: "You b*tch told me that already one minute ago, I'm dying!"
    😀 I love you Joanna 😀

  • Killertomgirl says:

    OMG!!! Great video 😀 I do this EVERYDAY for the past 2 months and its working REALLY GOOD 😀 I had made my friend, my brother, friends brother, AND my mom do this XD I hate it but LOVE it so much…. XD I had also made my class do it to XD I made them do it TWICE since im the DPA leader in my class. OMG they hated me for making them do it XD lol this is fun but painful at the same time. My favourite workout so far ;] 

    • Na Na says:

      +Killertomgirl can you help me… I feel this in my upper front part of my legs is that normal? I don’t feel anything in my thighs or bum.

    • Lara Daher says:

      +Nana Naema usually i feel it in my calfs and sometimes on my thighs. Im pretty sure its normal! i guess it means the fat is being burned more there than in the rest of your body

  • Mariana Rs says:

    Yesss!! Today I finished the 4 week challenge and I can’t belive it! Everyone is like: “What did you do to your legs!?? they look slimmer and toned!” My whole legs look so different and I can’t belive the much they have changed in just one month! OMG 😀 It’s obvious I need to buy a new size of jeans from now. Joanna, thank YOU SO MUCH! Really girl, your motivation and your vids are incredible 😀 Keep going, love you 😉

  • mejo says:

    I was screaming at the pulse. I made it to the second pulse but I fell down lol.

  • Rachel Choi says:

    To keep myself going, I imagine that my enemy is watching me do this and I want to show them that I can make it through. It really helps, haha

  • Cynthia Teow says:

    30 squats+4 pulse rounds in total, in case anyone’s wondering

  • Nicole Rurade says:

    i think the lyrics are”bring sally up” not “green sally up” lol

  • Suman Das says:

    those 3 and a half minutes lasted forever

  • Genes Eh says:

    been only doing this for 2 weeks and I see huge result on my thighs already. its slim down already. thanks a lot. imma keep on doing this the rest of my life lol.

  • Joana Thomson says:

    Lol by the time she said halfway there, I was halfway dead!

  • PINAY AKO says:

    Who’s planning to do this challenge in 2019???.
    We can do it together!.

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