Senator Bernie Sanders Answers Pressing Questions Regarding His Age, Healthcare, And More

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Senator Bernie Sanders answers pressing questions regarding his age, the dramatic political division in our nation, the faults in our current healthcare system, and more.

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  • Stephen Luke says:

    The only reliable supporter of a sane health care policy 👍

  • CajunLady says:

    He is right on getting enough sleep. Beauty rest. Fountain of youth is getting enough sleep.

  • Daniea3 says:

    💙Bernie. He’s the Real Deal and doesn’t just talk, but walks the walk. Thanks for ALWAYS standing with us, especially for social security, drug prices etc while not always needing the credit.

  • M L says:

    Bernie Sanders 2020 – Medicare for All NOW!

    • Lgge Gee says:

      We already have Medicare for all, it’s called getting a job and/or paying for insurance. You can obviously pay the hospital directly. Libtards just want “free stuff”, California has medi-care and most doctors wont take it because it stinks.

  • Mr jujube says:

    Only Bernie 2020
    The only candidate who doesn’t receive huge donations from corporates both in primary and general election

  • M L says:

    Thanks so much Dr.Oz – this was a terrific interview!

  • invisble man says:

    Bernie Sanders should start addressing Trump supporters directly In his
    speeches and his adds. 50% of Trump supporters deep down in their hearts
    want Medicare for All. The key to beating Trump is to call him out on
    Medicare for All. The thing that Trump fears the most is talking about
    Medicare for All….Trump, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Booger, Kamala,
    Mayor Peter, Yang all have the same healthcare plan.

    • Lgge Gee says:

      Social Medicare is trash and most doctors wont take it, like medi-cal in California. Bernie is offering a pipe-dream to libtards.

    • KeKway Blaze says:

      @Lgge Gee Stop lying.. Every other single industrialized nation on the planet offers some type of single payer health care to it’s citizens.. With the exception of one and that is the USA. What are you offering as an alternative anyway? The current system which millions can’t afford to use? Or having nothing at all like before Obamacare?

    • Lgge Gee says:

      I’m not lying, you are the liar. Go back to selling pot and working at McDonalds Kek. Most doctors in California dont take Medi-cal single payer. That’s the fact, jack. You say Americans have a “current system which millions cant afford”. Obama caused it by forcing providers to spend $2million on a drug addict with hepC instead of kicking them off the insurance package. Most Americans hates Obama’s Obamacare, it was trash but still better than Canadian filth and wait times. There is so much you dont know, it’s crazy. Even our prisoners here in American jails have better healthcare than you Canadian farthole..

  • invisble man says:

    Canada has Medicare for All now for the past sixty years. Canada is a capitalist country much like the United States. Most modern capitalists countries have a Medicare for All healthcare system.

    • J3WfroN1NjA21 says:

      @Lgge Gee ur drunk. Boomer

    • Lgge Gee says:

      I’m not drunk but I suspect you are killing brain cells from all that gasoline you huffed and crack you smoked.

    • WCFicionado says:

      @Lgge Gee you’re wasting your time, baffooon. Trump is toast! Bernie 2020! Don’t worry. It will do you good!

    • KeKway Blaze says:

      @Lgge Gee So explain WHY Paul Rand that hypocrite that he is went to Canada back in January of 2019 to get a hernia operation that he could have got in the USA but being the doctor that Paul Rand is he knew better than to trust the American health care system and went to Canada instead and paid out of pocket to get his surgery. That same Paul Rand who has called down Canada’s health care system for years suddenly had a come to Jesus moment and decided Canada would be the best place to get his hernia surgery.. Typical hypocritical Republican!

    • Lgge Gee says:

      You libtards are toast. The country can see your fake news CNN propaganda is trash and lies to ignite the anger in the dumb libtards. You speak of Rand Paul but too dumb to notice he went to a hospital that specializes in hernia operations and they are privately administer and NOT part of canadas single payer health program.. lolol libtards. Bernie Sanders will be dead before Trumps second term is over.

      Go and pound sand and cry into your pillows while screaming “please God why”, into the sky. It shows how pathetic and mentally unstable the libtard can be – it’s also a great amusement for me. 😎

  • M L says:

    50% of Doctors support ‘Medicare for All’, and their support is GROWING!

    • Lgge Gee says:

      Canadians pay a health service premium of about $1,000+ per year. They also needs to wait weeks to months for surgeries, sometimes the surgeries or medication is never approved and the patient dies while trying to appeal. Also, you cannot sue doctors who commit malpractice.

      I know you lib-tards are slow but you should know what you are talking about, when people like Bernie the Communist claims, “free college, free healthcare, free rent” ect. You should worry… Bernie is a communist and he stands for corrupt government and the destruction of democracy.

    • Lgge Gee says:

      The libtard who claims to be Canadian leaves out basic facts and that Canada also has private hospitals which are not part of the single paying program. Be weary, he is lying to you. A person with hernia can wait months for their surgery to approve. In USA it can be done immediately, same with heart and lung surgery. In Canada the patient usually dies before its approved.. kek the libtard wont tell you the full truth, he enjoys when a drug addict gets surgery faster than a person who worked their entire life. Probably just another loser libtard working at McDonalds.

    • KeKway Blaze says:

      @Lgge Gee Let’s make one thing very clear that in Canada those who are low income or no income can’t be refused medical attention nor are they refused medical care because of lack of financial resources.. So in other words even the most destitute in Canada receive health care at no cost to them as it is the law that no one can be refused medical attention due to lack of ability to pay nor do they receive a bill in the mail afterwards..

      Now some provinces do charge a premium for non-essential health services and an example of top-tier premiums for a single person in the province of British Columbia would be $37.50 a month for those who make over $42,000 a year..

      That’s right the top tier premium in British Columbia is $37.50 a month for single people who make over $42,000 a year and in Alberta, Canada there are no premiums at all. Each province sets it’s own rates covering non-essential health services such as dental or vision and by the way in the provinces that do charge premiums it is allowable to file tax deductions for those premiums each year.

      How do you wait in the USA if you don’t have any health care insurance at all and what happens to do those people who can’t afford surgery huh? Why is it Americans pay more for American made pharmaceutical drugs than Canadians do for the same exact prescription drugs?

      Americans subsidize the pharmaceutical industry R&D each year with their taxes only to see these pharmaceutical companies go and sell drugs to other countries like Canada at steep discounts.
      People die every day in the USA and you know it because they don’t have money to pay for surgery or treatment that doesn’t happen in Canada..

    • Lgge Gee says:

      When a libtard says, “let’s make one thing clear” it means they will bent the truth and everything else is a lie. Libtards. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Lgge Gee says:

      Hey libtard, if I have 6 kids and make 6 $figures, how much tax do I pay? 50%? 60%? And you are telling me a drug addict will get treated before me?
      Dude, your program is trash. Our prisoners serving life sentences have better health care in USA.

  • Milad Barzani says:

    Feeling the 🔥 in Stockholm, Sweden.
    Where are you Bernie Sanders supporters from?

  • Iacopo Notari says:

    I Adore Bernie Sanders.
    I’m a fan.
    And i’m Italian

  • Irina Kogan says:

    Great interview. Medicare for All. Bernie 2020.

    • Destiny tran says:

      Irina Kogan be careful what you wish for my dear. You will get looooooong wait for your doctor appointment. Just look at government, anything they do is good at all?

    • Lgge Gee says:

      Canadians need to wait for months to get surgery, they also pay medical service premiums of up to $1,000 per year. They also cant sue for malpractice, doctors dont care who they hurt and butcher. Remember, libtards are dumb and cant think

    • Daniel Sanchez says:

      Irina I respect your choice to vote for Bernie but he still has to beat Biden.

      As a in-between voter, I don’t think Bernie has thought that much or at all about any negatives impacts changing a system a complete 180°. He is going to need to break the wheel sort of speak. I hope you realize the costs and impacts this will have. (Daenerys)

      Please tell me his tax plans.

      We have a welfare programs now do we not? Are the poor and elderly covered? If not great coverage how can you tell me Medicare for all would work? If you tell me abolish all private insurance sector; what are we going to do with 2+ million workers that work directly or indirectly in that field?

      Just remember as much as those ideas seem like Norway, Finland, Denmark its also not that far from Venezuela, Cuba and other countries. If you want to say we similar to Nordic countries we are not! Also Venezuela was the richest South American countries now look where they are.

      If say Bernie going to do the same as Norway like countries be careful what you wish for. Taxes are extremely higher and so is retail and food. About 30% more taxes can you afford a deduction of 30% and increases in prices of everyday items?

  • Jane Pappas says:

    He has reflux only because he does so much public speaking. As a former singer and teacher, I can attest that it is ubiquitous in those fields. If that is his only health issue, he is extremely healthy indeed.

  • Goran Duric says:

    Here is a die hard fan from Melbourne Australia. I don’t think there is a more authentic politician in the world than Berne

  • K!ng Knowledge says:

    30 Million Americans Under The Current System Are Uninsured And 30,000 Americans Die Every Year Because They’re Don’t Healthcare #Facts #BERNIE2020

  • Lasombra says:

    Go on Facebook and see how many people have a GoFundMe for medical bills and tell me that this is not a problem.

  • Daniel Volk says:

    A Society grows great when an old man plants trees whose shade he will never sit in. Bernie is the real deal.

  • Elle Moss says:

    Love Bernie and cant wait to vote for him in 2020

  • jennpepper says:

    Medicare for all! Mr. Bernard Sanders…♥️

  • Rob Brown says:

    The world should get together and negotiate in force with Big Pharma.

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