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I don’t want our children to grow up fearful.” Nothing is off the table in today’s discussion about race, healthcare and Black Lives Matter.


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  • Anthony Kence says:

    It’s diet too there’s too many chitlins been eaten. Give up the chitlins.

  • Diana Howell says:

    Too many folks,white and black,eat too much take -out food,fried fatty foods.

  • Anthony Kence says:

    Ebony is an attractive black women

  • Guy Ko says:

    The media turns everything into a race issue

  • Lourdes Garcia says:

    Unless this community stops looking for others to blame and starts assuming responsibility for their own destiny they will never move ahead.

  • May Say says:

    Dr. Oz has always been an advocate for women of all so called races, including Black women.

  • Robert Carter says:


  • Kriszma says:

    Our ancestors couldn’t have experienced slavery without battle scares (PTSD) never got fully dealt with. They couldn’t help but pass down to their kids. They all knew’ they had emotional scares, but could allow themselves time & energy without assistance, besides they had no choice, but to get ☝ regardless! That’s what black folks genealogy has delivered emotional inherited stress. The other side is, continue racial preconceived notions, and the fact that; if this had been done to my ancestors, hell’ I’d feel just like they do. I just don’t the compassion to release the reins…cause it cost too much! After all; we never paid reparations we can’t afford to pay for as it stands. So black folks” what do you really want from US”? What about the grant to the Indians tributes get every month quarter or year, how ever its being done. What about a lum sum compensation package 1st, then residuals grants, whose criteria is to be certain percentage of African decent, as is being done with the surviving tribes left! Perhaps the Indians today are still being discriminated against today too. But the difference is…they get compensated for it..instead of getting ignored! Black people” stop taking your anger out on each other” pretty please”. How about considering due diligence by speaking to the law, insisting upon contracts/new bills introduction become indoctrinated into documented laws spelled out, along with penalties for its breaches, granting the courts to up these right privileges with the right to sue, any and every sector who participates, must pay for its negligence. There are many other things that can be done too’ but we must bring our ideas together! Okay….

  • 11STARFIRE says:

    Dr. Oz found a new cash cow 🤑from this platform, of Black American women Doctors, while HE and tRump are falsely pushing the use of hydrochlorazine to cure Covid-19💀

  • Brenda Garner says:

    ALL LIVES MATTER!📖✝️🙏🕊️😁👒

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