R Kelly Accuser Speaks Out – Best Clips From Season 11

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R Kelly Accuser Speaks Out

One of R. Kelly’s former girlfriends claims she was groomed on how to please the star.

In a forthcoming interview on “The Dr. Oz Show,” Asante McGee opens up about the bizarre sex lesson — saying it was just one sign of the disgraced singer’s controlling behavior. “Even before moving to the house, one of the earlier things that he showed me, maybe like a month before moving me to the house, he introduced me to the trainer,” McGee says

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  • Master Lock says:

    Is this a retweet

  • Brandon Robinson says:

    Yeah, sure.

  • Shawnta Lesley says:

    Why are they still talking about R. Kelly. He’s definitely not the only horrible man they can be doing a story on and he’s not the only one with woman that can come forward

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    OMG, Evil Ppl.

  • BIG- L says:

    Not guilty on all accounts except Alayah can’t get outta that it’s documented

  • Black Swiftie says:

    Dr. Oz has RESORTED to #Drama for MORE Views… 👀

  • Black Swiftie says:


  • LieuLieu Bear says:

    Omg sheesh!!! This was the past and he’s trying his best to forgive and forget. Smh nooo he was my favorite singer. Abd 500 years is practically dead

  • LieuLieu Bear says:

    The media has always been so annoying. Also, I don’t believe most of these people because they just want his money. But I can tell aa type of celebrity can be sketchy. Domestic violence or secuassault is beyond the media. It is important to take cautious about who you talk to and see. There’s a lot of predators out here.

  • wildman solow says:

    all this sounds like BS

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