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Join me in my first ever LIVE workout!!

This is a Total Body 30-Minute BARRE Workout with our FIO trainer, Tracy Minnoch. Exercises and movements are taken from dance and fitness to tone the muscles, increase your fitnesss and bring some variation and fun to your workout.

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I'm a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 9 years of experience.


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  • SLG G says:

    This is awesome! How often can this workout be done?

  • Rani Rani says:

    Wooooh …so painful but awesome 😍

  • Bitupan Wellness Project says:


  • Jennifer Anidi says:

    Wow, Amazing workout.
    I was sweating like I just took my bath.

  • Busie Hadebe says:

    Great workout for me more especially I’m focusing on toning my legs these days….Will keep coming for it often…. Thanks guyz🤩🤩

  • Tabita Iordache says:

    Amazing workout , just had it done
    I feel sweaty and strong 😁

  • Uma Sharma says:

    Awesome 👌👍

  • Asha Iffath says:

    Love the way it works through my lower body……
    I was feeling funny throughout cuz itz my first workout tht makes me dance allover…

  • Jy Ga says:

    Will definitely try it tomorrow…

  • Nisha Madaan says:

    How much calories will be burned from this cardio?

  • Nisha Madaan says:

    Plz make video on thigh and butt inch loss workout humble request

  • cathy bel says:

    I am loving this!!!!

  • Nirvana Besai says:

    Great workout. Looking from the couch lol. Will do it after looking often in fact. Hearing you guys laughing is so relaxing as well. Love when you move the chair she moves it at well. You all making my morning, my day. Thanks. Have a lovely day both of you.

  • Angela W says:

    I have been eating chocolate in bed and feel this may be the wrong time to stretch

  • srinidii ananda ganesh says:

    plz do a kpop bts video

  • nischala ks says:

    Hi Jo, this is awesome. Please do more dance workouts

  • Priyanka Bagchi says:

    Awesome workout. Thank you for this. Love from India 💕

  • Rachel Sweets says:

    Love this

  • Nichol Beasley says:

    So excited to try this when I get home! Thanks ladies.

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