Why You Gain Weight Instead Of Losing

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Why you gain weight instead of losing

If you want to develop the lean body that you desire, it’s important for you to look at the diet you follow as it plays an integral part in helping you achieve your fitness objectives. Your diet should work for you instead if the opposite. Here are some of the 5 things you should start doing if you want your diet to work for you.


  1. Implement changes slowly

When you are used to eating fast foods such as burgers, fries and others, making changes can seem very difficult especially if pressure yourself too much by trying to affect changes too quickly. Making your diet work for you is not magic, it’s a process that takes a lot of things including time. It pays for you to be extra patient and monitor yourself to see progress so that you will not be overwhelmed by the changes you are be trying to implement.


  1. Take note of your calories

Most people hate this part. I know, counting your calories can seem too complicated and demanding but it’s necessary. To make your diet work, you should be able to measure and gauge the amount of food you are eating but most importantly, it has to be adequate so that you don’t take in either too much or too little. One mistake I’ve seen most people make when calculating their calories is that they are grossly inaccurate in terms of how much they are eat. They underestimate the actual value of their caloretic intake. Being able to accurately calculate your calories will make your diet work for you so that you won’t gain additional weight.


  1. Take time and cook your own food.

For your diet to work for you, you have to frequently cook your own food as compared to eating out. The reason why is pretty obvious but I will try to explain it anyway. On the point above, I reiterated the point that it’s essential for you to be able to calculate your calorie intake. When you eat precooked food, it becomes difficult to know how many calories you’d be consuming which increases the probability of you gaining weight instead of losing.


  1. You should eat frequently

A secret to making your diet work for you is eating small quantities of food on a frequent basis. For example, instead of enjoying a heavy breakfast at 10 am, you should take light meals at 6 am, 8.30 am and 11 am, respectively. For the light meals, you can opt in for snacks to reduce cravings to reduce your probability of having to binge on a heavy meal just to deal with your hunger.


  1. Opt for water instead of drinks

Most people take in a lot of calories when they drink juices and soft drinks. 100 ml of a sugary drink is said to contain a total of about 2000 calories of energy. In addition to the food you eat, these calories would already be too much which might cause you to gain a lot of additional weight. To deal with your thirst, you should try drinking water instead as it contains an inconsiderable amount of calories making it healthier than soft drinks.


Lastly, there are a lot more other ways to make your diet work for you but these are the top 5. 




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