How to Stop Stress Without Stressing Yourself Out

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Dr. Oz and Mike Bayer, aka ‘Coach Mike,’ walk us through a four-question quiz to help you find out if you need to deal with your silent stress. Do you relate to these scenarios? Then, a viewer shares his own concerns regarding his wife’s stress.

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  • Annette Melnychuk says:

    I think to help you find happiness is by finding out what makes you happy and aim for it

  • Elizabeth says:

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  • Elizabeth says:

    The Lady needs to Listen to her Husband. Quite the Job. Look after the Children and Husband. Live Basic Life. COME BACK TO JESUS CHRIST JOHN 3:16 STOP THE WORKAHOLIC LADY.

  • Carol Benson says:

    Saw him on Doctor Phil several times, but still can’t figure out how he helps people…finding your best self?

  • Francess Lorraine says:

    What a sweet couple. We all feel we should be on top of everything and be the perfect family.
    I hope they find their path to become more relaxed.

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