How to Make a Healthy Grilled Pizza

By | Health & Fitness

Fire up your grill tonight and make this gorgeous fig, arugula and ricotta pizza.

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  • linda daniels says:

    Oh okay,
    I have never heard of fig pizza 🤔

  • Marcel Ali says:

    Wow . Nice

  • Kathleen Elizabeth Rotherham says:

    I used to make a fig and caramelized onion pizza with lots of cheese and balsamic vinegar. Sorta similar.

  • Chanda Imtiaz says:

    Please forgive me
    I have seen this pizza 😳😱

  • Aftab Khan says:

    Good.. #Healthdiscovery

  • ismahaan _ says:

    Healthy pizza, I should try

  • King Leonidas Fitness says:


  • onnatrip says:

    That looks delicious!😍 We just made a pizza video and let’s say it didn’t turn out very well…😅

  • Cocó March, N.M.D says:


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