How To Fall Asleep Instantly With This Pre-Bedtime Technique

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Pedram Shojai, author of The Urban Monk and former Dalai Lama trainee shows Dr. Oz how to sleep better with an easy technique to improve your slumber.

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  • Spandan Sinh Parmar says:

    That’s… awesome… thanks doc

  • my life style says:

    Can I get a like coz I’m first to comment

  • Daniel Perryman says:

    Blue blockers work great!

  • King Leonidas Fitness says:

    Lets try this instead of a bottle Jack Daniels tonight!

  • Josephine Awumey says:

    I have trouble sleeping..this is going to help me tonight

  • Asi Heart says:

    I have been a fan of you dr.Oz since I was a kid. I loved watching your episodes on TV. Back then you appealed to me as very promising, well spoken,smart… someone who gives advices, solutions that really work for people’s daily life issues. Now when I got older my opinion didn’t change much.

  • droptop10001 says:

    This guy has to be high

  • Kamikaze Kid says:

    Sheee gone

  • itx julius says:

    Guy do this u boby we improve 😍😍😍

  • itx julius says:

    Guy do this u boby we improve 😍😍😍

  • ****** says:

    he is Iranian

  • angelica says:

    I like this

  • Richard Levi says:

    Shall give tips on how to hack agening?🙁

  • Andrea Woods says:

    Wtf lol

  • Dave Dave says:

    How come that guy didn’t instantly fall asleep ?

  • Gorgeous Baby says:

    Just stop using the phone for 1 hour before sleep to let your mind know that you are sleeping soon…. Simple. 🤭 🤭 🤭

    Indian Monk… Suddenly so many of them in USA…. Recently, I just found out that Jay Shitty, another indian monk turned youtube celebrity, whom I have been following for a while now, has plagiarised the works of many giants including Anthony Robbins to call it his own.
    What a shameful act, committed by a so-called spiritual leader.
    If one can’t act upright himself,
    then he has no right to teach others to lead a righteous life. 😊
    The bible warned us that pretencious people will themselves walk the broad and easy way while pointing to others the narrow and difficult path.

  • Lifeisbeautiful Exceptitsucks says:

    I’m starting to doubt

    That man didn’t fall to sleep 😕

  • Janie Sherwood says:


  • Maoriprincess _1 says:

    Does this really work? Has anyone tried it? Comment to let me know what your thoughts are.

  • Olinda Rosales says:

    Thanks for uploading another awesome video and for inspiring me to make my own YouTube channel! Your the best! Lots of love from Canada 🇨🇦

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