How Safe Is It to Eat Bagged Salad Greens?

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Packaged greens can seem slimy or like they’ve lost their nutrients, but they’re actually just as good an option as uncut greens, if not better.

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  • Nothing But Truth says:

    This is the video resolves my question existed long time. Thank you a lot !

  • Centsible Living With Money Mom says:

    I have to admit, I buy the salad kits with everything in them.  They are so easy and tasty.

  • M Whitaker says:

    I love the “power greens” from Cali to BC!

  • Jennie cartier says:

    How do you find the perfect one?

  • Annette Melnychuk says:

    I am on a budget and I find bagged greens are cheaper for someone like myself who live on their own and don’t feel like preparing a large bowl of salad just for myself

  • KETO Diamond Channel says:

    lol Is anything safe really?

  • Nalini Singh says:

    Thank you Dr Oz .

  • ****** says:

    i am a nutritionist and registered dietitian,this is just ad, those chemicals to sanitize the green leaves today are under the approval of FDA, next day just God knows what will happen, if you ended up catching gene mutation, they ever accept the blame, of course not. this is very intriguing that in USA packaged stuff such as green veggies seem cheaper in comparison with where i live, here, raw fresh veggies are cheaper and packaged ones seem to be treated as luxurious

  • itx julius says:

    Please help me to lose weight

  • Jim O'Ryan. says:

    I could think of a lot worse things to eat. Up next, ”how often should you eat mashed potato?”

  • warmccl says:

    Thank god it’s safe. These salad bags have been such a huge help.

  • Daniel Perryman says:

    I love to buy the bags and not eat them just like i do other vegetables 😅

  • Teresa Serrone says:

    Thank god its safe. We find these bagged salads very convenient for us

  • Miss desire Independance says:

    Bagged green make my life so much easier!!

  • Audrey Nicoletti says:

    Unsubscribing. 2 minute videos. Waste of time.

  • Gary Bond says:

    Good to know since we buy prepackaged salad and veggies all the time

  • Kris is Mia2 says:

    Whoa whoa folks maybe you should look up the effects of the “chemical” used first before you make your decision based on convience and end up wasting time in a casket.

  • Angel Wings says:

    Yeah but they’re also 5x the price

  • Fixxee wixxee Abdul Rehman says:

    Doctor OZ kindly subtitle……..

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