How I Cured My ACNE Naturally (10 Tips)

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Please READ this box for more info. I am not an expert in skin care, in fact I have very limited knowledge in skincare and makeup. So this is based on my own personal experience on what has worked for me. In the video, I did not put on any cream or foundation, only a little bit of eye make-up. I hope this video will help you out in some way or another. =)

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About the Author

Hello there! I'm Jean Laguerre, a free-spirited soul who's overcome challenges. I'm here to share tips on weight loss, staying healthy, and living a fulfilling life. Let's connect with those seeking inner peace and a healthier life.

  • Miss Roma says:

    You seem to be a very hard working woman, you can be very proud of what you’ve accomplished. I always enjoy watching your helpful videos!

  • Iuliia Nikogdiuk says:

    It was so funny when you said your eyes are so small that we couldn’t see it with no make-up:)))) You have beautiful eyes Joanna!!! Thank you so much for all the tips, I’m going to use them for sure!!!

  • Seek HIM 1st says:

    I just find you absolutely adorable Joanna! Thanks for all your high quality and informative videos.

  • lucy e says:

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  • Zaimas Rosdin says:

    Thank you for the tips.
    Just for my and others’ reference, the summarize:

    1 – Eat basic real food
    2 – Cut down on greasy food
    3 – Eat food that promotes healthy digestion (i.e; vege & fruits)
    4 – Watch out on your sodium intake (i.e junk foods / fast foods)
    5 – Drink more water (i.e plain water / natural fruit juices)
    6 – Eat food with high water content (i.e. watermelon / broccoli)
    7 – Cleanse twice daily (do not wait hours to shower after work out)
    8 – Don’t skip on beauty sleep (sleep atleast 7-8 hours daily)
    9 – Exercise regularly
    10 – Focus on the change, not the problem
    (act on what need to be done rather than worry much about it)

    Good Luck everyone 🙂

    • Kity Kit says:

      Thankyou for taking ur time in writing it 😇

    • nam jaeraa says:

      thank you!

    • Rhenna Schedd says:

      Zaimas Rosdin y

    • András Szabó says:

      1 – Eat basic real food 5:42
      2 – Cut down on greasy food 6:13
      3 – Eat food that promotes healthy digestion (i.e; vege & fruits) 6:36
      4 – Watch out on your sodium intake (i.e junk foods / fast foods) 7:09
      5 – Drink more water (i.e plain water / natural fruit juices) 7:41
      6 – Eat food with high water content (i.e. watermelon / broccoli) 8:23
      7 – Cleanse twice daily (do not wait hours to shower after work out) 8:52
      8 – Don’t skip on beauty sleep (sleep atleast 7-8 hours daily) 9:58
      9 – Exercise regularly 10:30
      10 – Focus on the change, not the problem (act on what need to be done rather than worry much about it) 10:57

    • Otakuジャネクシス says:

      I always sleep 10 hours a day and nothing changes😭

  • DAYMADE says:

    It starts at 5:40.

  • PandaKittenhybrid says:

    even though she isn’t a skin expert, I believe proven personal experience is better.

  • Christina Holness says:

    Lovely video Johanna! Very true words of wisdom and advice. Thanks for sharing!

  • Avera says:

    I thought I was the only one. I never had acne growing up as a child or in highschool. I thought I was blessed then came college whereI broke out in freshman/sophmore year and was just frustrated 😐

    Oh and the cause of that was your typical college meal of instanoodles daily when living alone.. ):

  • Dianne G says:

    Actually you tackled all of the important knowledge about Skin Care, I bought this book that talks about the causes of acne, and nearly everything I’ve learnt from it is mentioned here.
    Just like you said in the video BAD LIFESTYLE causes acne.
    EXERCISE , SLEEP BETTER , DRINK WATER , EAT BETTER FOOD , FRESH AIR , SUNLIGHT , AND POSITIVE MENTALITY can help. Sure you can get clear skin if you use does high-products but I think cleaning your skin from the inside is much better.

  • Sidmd says:

    1-eat healthy.
    2-Sleep well.
    3-Drink more water.

  • Hugo Napoleão says:

    “Focus on the change, not the problem!” 🙂

    • Thida Ly says:

      Socorro Stults f

    • Elizabeth says:

      These are awesome no joke. They stay on while you sleep and won’t fall off. I have showered with these on. If you have zit just place one over it and when it turns white take it off. I love these. Big zit gone in 24 hours most of the time. Emergency zit control works great. *read here –> **** .*

    • Ta Tchou says:

      Excellent video content! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard about – Mackorny Facial Miracle Blueprint (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for Curing rosacea minus the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my best friend Jordan after many years got great success with it.

    • Nicole Smith says:

      If you want to learn how to cure your acne fast then I recommend you go here now:

    • Clear Skin Habits says:


  • DragonFlyy says:

    You are giving realistic advice. Some people can do anything and have amazing skin but having skin issues can have positive effects by leading to a much healthier lifestyle.

  • David Whalen says:

    Her accent is so pretty, its like a combination between asian and british.

  • Gresi M says:

    eating junk food while looking this video and feeling guilty 😣

  • Robert 00 says:

    I Hate Acne

  • Mimzhere e says:

    In 4 years, that would be my 20th year of acne… I spend thousand of dollars on acne product, over the past two decades… I wash my face every night and every morning. put toner and moisteriser, exfoliate once a week, do clay masks, take naturals apple cider vinegar and charcoaI detox… wash my bed sheets every week, and change my pillow cases two times a week.And I’m waiting to see a dermatologist for 6 years……. I think I have done anything I could have done.. And I’m still here, watching videos on youtube…. Let’s just laugh together…

  • holisticmaya says:

    very inspiring and great tips. I am struggling right now with hormonal acne. So hard to heal. But it is slowly healing with good nutrition and good habits. I think the big thing for me is the stress and self hatred part. I’m trying to meditate and love myself more. 🙂

  • SuperEpicTimmy says:

    5:39 this is when the vid starts,thank me later 😉

    • Abby Delgado says:

      Omg thank you 😂😂😂

    • K Sha says:

      suparna acharjee she was trying to explain the cause of the problem, without which the solution wouldn’t have been effective; only temporarily even if it did. She stated all that in the video which you would have heard if you didn’t fast forward & gave attention. The main point she was trying to make was there was no quick solution unfortunately and it took her sometime to realise that. She also mentioned how she was one of those in search of quick fix/solution: looking for where/who would be able to provide such miracle. She also admitted how she: like many others wanted to achieve clear skin without having to put in the time, hard work, patience and understanding the root of the problem. Similarly, that is what the original commenter of this thread had done proudly, as it seems, which sadly meant the whole point of the video was missed. As per her statement, the medication prescribed by dermatologist worked only temporarily and it all came back once she stopped the medication, since she didn’t try to get to the root of the problem and tackle it instead. Therefore, I highly doubt her full explanation through personal experience would be fully comprehended if one was to start watching from the point of the video stated in this thread. That being said, it’s better that way as it indicates those who had done so are in search for quick fix; if they don’t have patience to watch a short video from start to end, they won’t have patience required to achieve clear skin: hence would be chasing after things forever, which doesn’t work.

    • K Sha says:

      I’m just curious how you all are doing and if you’ve managed to get rid of the Acne yet, like this video’s creator had done. By the look of all comments left, their authors must have met with success on the journey to be rid of Acne, since they sounded appreciative of the time saved, thanks to the advised time stamp left at the beginning of this thread, which they seemed to have found useful and grateful

    • Tanvi Sen says:

      Thank you🤣

    • vithal saudagar says:

      Hahaha thank you

  • BlackHype says:

    if it’s an asian then i trust it

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