Don’t like your body? This video will change that.

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Loving your body begins with loving you as a whole. Your body is not a separate thing from your mind, your heart, or your soul. Every part of you is interconnected, and a change in one will change the other parts of you too. That’s why when you go on a quest to transform your body, you’re actually on a journey to transform your mind as well.

If you want to continue this practice of self love, I need you to join my #bodylovechallenge. It’s 7 days of small, actionable things you can do to build a less toxic relationship with your body. Each task takes less than 1 minute a day, but will help restructure your mindset for the rest of your life. Are you in?! If so, comment “I’m in” below!

The Body Love Challenge begins on Monday Feb 10. To prepare, head over to the @poppilatesofficial Instagram and grab the challenge graphic. If you do the challenge of the day everyday for the entire week – meaning you’re posting to your IG stories or your feed for 7 days straight, I’m gonna do something super crazy for you. Ready for it?

This summer I’m hosting my 2nd annual POP Pilates retreat – it’s basically the ultimate wellness weekend full of workouts, healthy food, POPFLEX fashion shows, evening gowns, pink carpets, and heart to heart time with me and with girls from all over the world who love POP Pilates. It’s a 4 day retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona and I want to see you there! If you want to win a free ticket to this year’s POP Pilates Retreat, all you have to do is participate in all 7 days of the #BodyLoveChallenge! At the end of the challenge, I’ll pick one lucky POPster – from anywhere is the world – to win a ticket to the retreat!!! More info on the retreat here:

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Alright you guys, I’m gonna leave you with this: Today I want you to let go of your insecurities and embrace yourself fully, as one complete and beautiful human being. Don’t ever forget that. You are a complete and beautiful human being.


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  • Ayes says:

    Who’s Been A HUGE Fan Before 2020??

    *But im subbîng to everyone who likès and sûbs to me* 🤪🌪

  • Isabelle F. says:

    First. And I need this video… mentally in a bad place

  • Rilishika Savd says:

    The timing of this is so 😳

  • Rachel Davies says:

    Can’t wait to be a part of this challenge. I look forward to discovering and loving my body in so many ways. Oh, Cassey, you are the best. Love you.

  • blogilates says:

    What are you insecure about?

  • alicia ballet says:

    for us ballet dancers it’s even worse, bc we all want perfect feet, turnout, extensions, flexibility, lines, and turns. body type matters so so much in ballet

    • Zoe Meier says:

      Staring into a mirror every day while wearing a leotard and tights…man ballet just damages your self esteem. My teacher started getting so mad with me once I started developing.

    • Harry is a kitten says:

      It’s not worse. Stop playing a victim. Self pity is why nothing changes for you.

    • RainbowdashSailormoon Morales says:

      I have body dysmorphia, but it’s so hard to have that and do ballet. I was told by my teacher at the age of 10 that because of the shape of my spine, I could never dance professionally. It’s also hard because compared to normal people I am very thin (I constantly get people asking if I’m annorexic which is both incorrect, but also you don’t have to be thin to be annorexic) and I am medically underweight, but then I go to class and somehow most of the class is thinner than me. I even somehow have cellulite because no matter how thin I am and how much I do ballet and work out, the cellulite will still be there.

    • Pernille Kopatz says:

      Its not ‘worse’ for you, a lot of people have it way worse about themselves, and a lot compare themselves to others way more than you do.

    • summer • says:

      Really! I used to believe that if I only lost 10lbs my dancing would be better. Looking in a mirror all day with tons of girls with “perfect” bodies makes not comparing so hard

  • Bethany Stewart says:

    “Comparison robs us of our joy*. No better statement. We are all beautifully unique and individual and bring something amazing to the table of life. Where you see something amazing in someone else, somebody is seeing something amazing in you and you just can’t see it yourself. Heads high people. Your worth everything just by being you ❤️

  • maruti sonar says:

    I m a college student yes it happens to me alot my friends and also me talk about body shape but in few years because of your videos I am getting body positivity and also encouraging my friends too so Thank You Cassey🤗💪🏼👍🏼

  • yoga lover says:

    My insecurity is will I ever be beautiful or pretty

  • Pizza Hoe says:

    Does anyone else feel insecure about their lemon size boobs? Well, I used to until I discovered that I could buy in the kids section. I save money and feel grateful with what I got, LOL.

    • S i a h says:

      i love kids section cause it matches my style but unfortunally in my city kids clothes are more expensive than adults lmao buuuuut how siyang said, there’s more good things about it like the back issue AND the fact we’re in general more sensible on them than if we had them bigger. Also, we dont need to use bra if we dont want to! I used to hate my boobs on my teens bcoz i didnt have cleavage but today i’d never change them, i truly think they’re beautiful and my boyfriend thinks the same!

    • RainbowdashSailormoon Morales says:

      As a dancer, I’m more than happy mine are small. Unfortunately in the ballet world, if you have a larger chest, a lot of companies are less likely to hire you, and I even know someone that got kicked out of one of the top ballet schools in the world because she eventually got to a Dcup.

    • টোল জামাই/ V's moonchild mahir says:

      I only have Apple-sized ones T-T I cry they’re so small

    • Arielle says:

      This is gonna sound weird…but as someone who is busty, I have a problem finding clothes that fit my upper portion of my body.
      Also..running is brutal. Lol.
      Grass isnt always greener.

  • arya says:

    i am suffering from an eating disorder and i didn’t know i needed to hear those words until i clicked the video thank you so much cassey and i’m in 🙏

    • Amanda Gardner says:

      I’ve been in every from an eating disorder for around 3 years now. It took over my life for years. I’m in a much better place now than where I was 4 years ago. I still have some days where I pick myself apart and feel some guilt for eating. I hated the way my body looked but i guess the one thing that sometimes helps ease some of thse negative and self destructive thoughts is that without food, I cant be healthy, I cant live my life to the fullest, I cant live, I cant love those around me and feel that love from them. An eating disorder robs you of all of that. You need food for the nutrition. I try and not really think of it as calories, but rather fuel and nutrition for my body that it needs to work at it’s best, for me to feel my best. I exercise regularly to feel good about myself and the way that I feel; I feel strong and healthy, which is the polar opposite of what an eating disorder does to you. You should never feel guilt for fueling your body. You deserve a long, healthy and happy life ❤ never forget that you are worthy. Food will never define your worth.

  • theFitty says:

    *Your 90-day Journey has inspired all of us to love our bodies even more , to love her body so much so that we would want better, to want to change!:)*

  • Laura Doucerin says:

    My insecurity is my whole life

  • it's jen says:

    might I suggest, avoiding narcissists..they are unrealistically perfectionist and extremely harmful to others x

  • Sam M says:

    Honestly as someone’s who’s always struggled and still is struggling with body image, I’m extremely thankful for this video. As someone who is of a healthy weight, I sometimes find myself negatively looking at my body because it’s not ‘pretty’ enough and I’ve reached a point where I’m just fed up! So Cassey thank you for putting up this video, because it’s given me the reassurance I’ve needed for a lonnggg time 👌

  • Jessica Barroso says:

    I started crying as soon as I started ripping the paper 📝 🥺😣

  • petiteblondie says:

    I love these confidence messages and all, but I miss seeing more fitness and workout videos.

  • Niousha Naderi says:

    When i am walking with my boyfriend & a girl walks by or walks in-front of us, i start to wonder if he is looking at her body or if he wants her instead of me and this is RUINING MY LIFE. I need help. Sometimes i want to leave him so i stop feeling this way but i know this is caused from my own insecurities.

    • Maria Pia Spallone says:

      YES, it’s exactly my same feeling when we walk around or watch movies together. But why don’t you try talking about it with him? For me it did a lot. I feel so much better when we have these conversations. I just feel so understood.

    • Cass says:

      Niousha Naderi I feel this way too sometimes. But you have to remember that he is with YOU for a reason. Of course he might find other people attractive, it’s human nature, but when you love someone, THEY become the most beautiful to you because it’s way deeper than physical attraction. If you know that he is loyal and that this is all stemming from personal insecurity, it’s time to do some work on yourself and figure out why you feel this way. There’s no reason to break it off with him, there are activities and practices to increase your self confidence, you just have to put in the work. It all comes from within and you’re more than capable of doing it. You’re absolutely beautiful, don’t let your mind convince you otherwise

    • Niousha Naderi says:

      Maria Pia Spallone thank you for your advice, talking about it does help me and i have explained my emotions to him very clearly & he understands me. He tells me that he doesn’t look at if he wanted to look at other girls then he would be wasting our time by being together. Sometimes i still wonder and that wondering ruins my mood for weeks! I feel as if i a trapped in my mind

    • Niousha Naderi says:

      Cass thank you so much, i really needed this. Im going to save this and look back everytime that i have self doubt and am starting to obsess for no reason. I tried the practice and it helped me a lot so i can start here and work my way up to a strong and self loving mind. You are right, its all in my head and this is a clear sign that self work needs to start

  • Mel Schehr says:

    Honestly, the best “body positive” video you’ve made. Didn’t leave me feeling weird or off or uncomfortable.

  • Corrie Wells says:

    One day I was working out with my sister at the gym. We both started talking about our body insecurities. We discovered that the part of our bodies that made us feel insecure, were things that the other person admired. So interesting how much someone else’s perspective can be so helpful!

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