30 minute EXTREME Pilates Thigh Workout (No Equipment)…Your Legs will be SHAKING!

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If you're wondering what makes this an EXTREME inner & outer thigh workout… it's cause we're doing 20 moves, 90 seconds each with NO BREAK! If you want your legs to feel like jelly later, you're in the right place!! Your thigh exercises are:

00:00 Intro
00:40 Narrow Squat Pulse
2:10 Plie Heel Lift – R
3:40 Plie Heel Lift – L
5:10 Plie Double Heel Lift
6:40 Plie Releve Pulse
8:10 Side Lying Triangle – R
9:44 Side Lying Bicycle – R
11:12 Side Lying Leg Circle – R
12:45 Inner Thigh Lift – R
14:14 Inner Thigh Point – R
15:44 Inner Thigh Circle – R
17:15 Side Lying Triangle – L
18:45 Side Lying Bicycle – L
20:20 Side Lying Leg Circle – L
21:46 Inner Thigh Lift – L
23:18 Inner Thigh Point – L
24:45 Inner Thigh Circle – L
26:17 Froggers
Outro 28:16

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