30 Mins Cardio & Core Interval (Burn Belly Fat!) – Beginner & Advance

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Please READ this box for more info. This Workout will burn up to 350 Cals per session! This is suitable for both beginners and those who are more advance. I'll be guiding you through an easier alternative as well as a harder option.

In order to Burn Belly Fat effectively, we need to incorporate total body workout together with core exercises. Total body cardio workout will help to shed the excess fat off your belly and Core exercises will help to strengthen and define your tummy.

We will alternate between 4 minutes of cardio with 2 minutes of core. We will be doing 4 sets in total with 1 minute break in between.

Each Cardio exercise will last 45secs with 15secs rest and each Core exercise will last 30secs with 10secs rest. Do this workout 2 – 3 times weekly and have a healthy meal plan to go along with it, I assure you, you will see results!

This workout is also part of my "90-Day Weight Loss Challenge to a New You" in the 2nd Month. Please go to my website to get the full workout plan and meal plan. Exercising regularly and eating healthy most time is your key to a sustainable weight loss. All the best! x

Hi my lovelies, I've been receiving to many repeated questions on weight loss and what workouts you should do. IF YOUR GOAL IS TO LOSE WEIGHT, PLEASE WATCH MY "7 STEPS TO PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS VIDEO".

No matter what your fitness goal is, the key is to do regular exercises and to eat clean in order to see results!

If you are a beginner, start with my "Beginner Fat Burning Workout Video"

After 4 weeks, join us on the 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge. 3 months workout plans and meal plans are available on my website.



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About the Author

Hello there! I'm Jean Laguerre, a free-spirited soul who's overcome challenges. I'm here to share tips on weight loss, staying healthy, and living a fulfilling life. Let's connect with those seeking inner peace and a healthier life.

  • Eve Lashbrook says:

    You know you’re unfit when you’re already getting tired in the warm up

  • C. Rose Peacock says:

    Hi Joanna, I wanted to say thank you for doing this video. Β I have done several at home work outs and found I didn’t like some of them because I was trying to learn the steps as the video went on. Β You clearly explained and demonstrated how to do this workout which made it a lot easier for me to follow. Β This is a great workout, you can really feel it when you workout, I am adding this to my daily schedule.

  • Kamryn Campos says:

    I’ll be back tommorow to get an amazing bodyπŸ’•πŸ˜‚

  • Sorrito Burrito Flims says:

    If you’re going to do this make sure you stretch. I almost pulled a muscle, so make sure you stretch.

  • Lourdes Garcia says:

    Hi i am 13 i just want to say thank you i am very hapoy with this workout and i just want to say that you are rely helping me i am a bit over weight and you are rely making a diffrence in me #sweatybuthappy πŸ˜…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Emma Duncan says:

    Hi i am 11 and overweight and this really helped me because now i am not short of breath just by walking upstairs thamk you so much.

  • Taisa Koskinen says:

    I remember just barely being able to finish this workout, continuing after the first 15 minutes was a real challenge and I was always extremely exhausted after finishing this. Haha now the first 15 minutes barely make me sweat, and after doing this workout once I always do the 54321 workout once or twice to really get the good feeling. Nowadays I could probably do this workout 3-4 times in a row. So to anyone who has just started to get in shape and is doing this or some other workouts; keep going! One day you’ll be able to look back and feel really proud of yourself. πŸ™‚

    • Felice says:

      thanks, this is really helpful. i am thinking about getting started.

    • Niki narr says:

      Thanks I tried it but my tiredness won this time I made it 15 minutes into the video

    • Inuar says:

      This comment is so great. Thanks, i just starting working out and it’s so hard. I am not doing this work out yet but it I do plan to do it eventually. The other works out i’m doing leave me exhausted and sore but that’s to be expected. I’ll keep pushing and i’ll keep coming back here to read your comment. It motivates me.

  • akash ranjit says:

    anyone here because of the new year resolution you made?

  • MickOhhh says:

    It wasn’t easy for us big chested girls ( for all my ladies out der with an extra junk in the trunk )

  • Emma C says:

    I used to not get past each exercises without taking 1 minute breaks (that was a month ago), but now, 1 month later, I can get through this without actually taking breaks. You can do it guys!

  • Not Lives says:

    just started working out because of this video. πŸ™‚
    I will burn this body of mine and make those bullies drop their jaw πŸ˜‰

  • Sofia Nuzol says:

    i died after the first 10 minutes of this workout .

  • vania l says:

    i like it wen she says good job even wen im dead on d floor. t makes me wanna get back up

  • Peacekeepers says:

    i had a flat stomach after doing this exercise for 3 weeks

    • salma m says:

      Faye Cawley we care

    • melisa has a dimple says:

      omg im gonna try im skinny but my bellyfat makes me feel so fat

    • Goatlips says:

      You do realise that #FatBurning is the biggest #myth of exercise? You cannot “burn fat” from exercise and you cannot select where you lose fat from by targeting it either! You convert #glycogen into energy long before you ‘burn’ (respire) fat. You have so much glycogen in your liver that it’d take hours to deplete it all and, therefore, you’d be completely exhausted before you started to respire your fat cells.
      Fat loss is gradual and is over the entire body, not selected by which muscles you train. You lose fat mostly from dieting – burning more calories than you eat each day. Exercise helps you burn more calories (uses up blood sugar) but cannot burn fat.

    • SavageGameplay says:

      Goatlips shush because it is working tf

    • Srilakshmi Pammi says:


  • Ange Miy says:

    I absolutely love this video especially since your doing the entire workout as well. I’ve lost 80lbs so far and your words inspire me to keep going

  • Brittspsycho Lol says:

    have been doing this workout for 3 times a week for 2 weeks and eating better and the difference is already showing. thank you!

  • Isabella Ruiz says:

    I need to lose weight and surprise all the mean people who talk behind my back about my weight. Really can’t wait to start tomorrow!

  • Mena S. says:

    when it was getting really hard I just thought of someone I dislike who happens to work out (me saying to myself: IF THAT A**HOLE CAN DO IT I CAN TOO) haha worked like a charm

  • ArtAndBeautyFreak says:

    oh my gosh! was almost able to finish it but had to stop at 25:00
    Got so sweaty and tired. Will try again tomorrow! good workout though!

  • Ayesha Kauser says:

    When you think you’re advanced but you aren’t even a beginner…. πŸ˜‚

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